Ford Bronco Ranks High on Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction List

Ford Bronco

Even in its third year of production, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco remains highly sought-after and difficult to find due to its popularity. It has also received numerous accolades, such as being included in Car and Driver’s 10Best Trucks and SUVs list for 2023 and being one of the most-viewed vehicles on CarGurus in 2022. Consumer Reports has recently added to the Bronco’s accolades by including it on its list of the most satisfying mid-size SUVs currently on the market. 

Ford Bronco at Gary Crossley Ford

Consumer Reports creates this list by analyzing its annual auto surveys, which ask members if they would purchase the same vehicle again if given the opportunity. The percentage of respondents who answered “yes” determines the model’s owner satisfaction score, and the list ranks vehicles based on this score. The Ford Bronco earned a score of 79 percent, coming in second place after the Porsche Cayenne, and received high praise from Consumer Reports members who also own the SUV. 

Ford Bronco

Consumer Reports commended the Bronco for its impressive off-road capability, refined handling and ride quality on paved roads, and ample power. However, it did note that wind noise was more significant than desired and that braking distances were longer than ideal. Although the Ford Bronco may not be the best value due to high markups and used pricing above MSRP, it performs well in other aspects of Consumer Reports’ testing, including driving experience, comfort, and styling, resulting in a predicted owner satisfaction score of 4 out of 5. Therefore, it remains a popular choice for those searching for a similar vehicle. 



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