Jay Leno Test Drives Velocity’s Ford Bronco and F-250


At Gary Crossley Ford, we’re thrilled to bring you the latest news from Velocity Restorations – one of the top names in Ford restomods. They’ve been perfecting their craft for years, and we can attest that each of their Ford Bronco restomods is nothing short of spectacular. Of course, that level of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, but for those with an eye for quality, it’s well worth the investment.

Jay Leno Velocity Restorations Ford Bronco F-250

But that’s not all – Velocity Restorations has recently expanded its lineup to include Ford’s Bumpside series of pickups. These machines are something extra special, and as you might expect, they come with an extra-large price tag. Only a select few will ever have the chance to experience one of these trucks, but we were excited to hear that Jay Leno got to test drive both a Velocity Ford Bronco and F-250 in one incredible day.

What’s impressive is that Velocity Restorations has made finely detailed restomods accessible to a wider audience. While in the past, these types of vehicles might have been reserved for sports car enthusiasts or those who can afford a Porsche or Jaguar, Velocity’s lineup of Ford Bronco models has made it possible for anyone to own a classic vehicle that feels brand new. They’ve sold hundreds of these restomods to date, and many of them carry a price tag of well over six figures.

Jay Leno Velocity Restorations Ford Bronco F-250

Given the high demand for timelessly-styled vehicles that are as reliable and comfortable as modern cars, Velocity Restorations made the smart decision to add the beloved Ford F-Series pickups from the 1967-1972 model years – known as Bumpsides – to their catalog. Their version of this classic pickup is a true work of art, complete with a brand new Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote engine, new suspension and drivetrain, and a beautifully stitched interior with modern amenities. Of course, all that attention to detail comes at a cost – approximately $300k, to be precise.

Nevertheless, for those who have the means and desire to own a classic vehicle that’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes, Velocity Restorations’ Bumpsides are an excellent option. You’ll feel like you’re tooling around town in a brand-new vehicle, but the classic styling and attention to detail will transport you to another era. We think it’s safe to say that in this case, the old adage that money can’t buy happiness is entirely inaccurate.


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