Blown Bullnose Bronco Is One Menacing Machine

Bullnose Bronco
Everything about this custom Bronco is big, including its sheer size and monstrous motor.

There’s just something about a full-size Ford Bronco that is irresistible to some folks, and quite a few enthusiasts were not happy about Ford’s decision to base the sixth-gen model on the Ranger – not the F-150, as was the case with the second through the fifth-gen models. Regardless, we can still purchase an older big Bronco and make it cool, or get something like this already-built Bullnose that was recently up for sale at eBay.

Bullnose Bronco engine

Giant Mill

The seller of this 1981 Ford Bronco reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars on the engine alone, which is a pretty substantial figure. But this is also a substantial motor – an Al Moody Racing built 560 inch Ford V8 with fuel injection and a massive BDS 8-71 blower sticking far higher than the hood, letting everyone in your path know you mean business.

Bullnose Bronco

Maximum Fun

The massive motor is mated to a five-speed manual transmission for maximum fun and breathes through a Flowmaster exhaust. We imagine this thing sounds pretty amazing, but repeatedly giving it the beans probably also results in the gas tank emptying out much quicker than one might expect. 

Bullnose Bronco

Crank up the Tunes

If you get tired of listening to the giant motor underhood (not likely to happen), this Bronco also features a number of subwoofers in the rear cargo area to help drown it out with some tunes. Not that we’d ever do such a thing, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option, at least.

Bullnose Bronco

Perfect Stance

Of course, building a Bullnose Bronco with such a substantial powerplant means that you also want to give the suspension some attention, and that has certainly happened in this case. This ’81 model features a six-inch lift and 36×14.50/15 Mickey Thompson tires, which gives it the perfect stance to match the big blower sticking out of the hood.

Bullnose Bronco

Stoking the Fires

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect Bullnose Bronco build than this, an SUV that quite literally has it all – menacing looks and copious amounts of power underhood. And if nothing else, it will only stoke the fires of the folks that still dream of owning a brand new full-size Bronco.

Photos: eBay

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts


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