1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face Sells For Crazy Money

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face
Bronco fever had several bidders at Mecum's recent Kissimmee auction vying to bring home this interesting mashup.

There’s no denying that Bronco fever has exploded in recent years, even before the sixth-gen model was revealed. Folks were already buying up all the old Broncos they could find, and anyone coveting a full-size example probably still is since the off-road SUV came back as a mid-sizer. Thus, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that this modernized 1978 Bronco with a Super Duty face sold for big money at Mecum’s recent Kissimmee auction.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Lofty Levels

When the hammer ultimately fell, this wild custom sold for a whopping $176,000, which is a ton of money for any Bronco, let alone one with questionable styling. But we shouldn’t be completely shocked by this result, considering the fact that the Bronco sold last year at Mecum’s Glendale auction for a slightly less $173,250.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Complicated Build

Whether or not it’s worth that kind of money, well, we’ll leave that for our readers to decide. But it obviously wasn’t cheap to build, given the high level of detail and quality here. This updated ’78 Bronco was built by Vintage Iron and Restoration of Scottsdale, Arizona, which spent two years piecing it together.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Luxurious Cabin

The interior – taken from a King Ranch-trimmed Super Duty – is certainly far more luxurious and feature-laden than the original, featuring Kingsville and Java leather with matching door panels and a center console. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were sitting in a brand new Super Duty.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Modern Mechanicals

Under the hood, you won’t find a Power Stroke diesel or other Super Duty-based powerplant, however. Rather, this vintage Bronco is powered by Ford’s 5.0-liter Coyote V8, which is the latest third-generation iteration of that motor. It’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and drives all four wheels, which have been beefed up with 8-lug axles with lockers and cover four-wheel power disc brakes.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Attention Getter

As for the looks, Super Duty front and rear fascias were incorporated onto the old Bronco, a job that obviously required a ton of fabrication. The Bronco also rolls on Super Duty chrome wheels, and the finished product has since attracted a ton of attention on social media.

1978 Bronco With Super Duty Face

Lots of Effort

Whether or not that makes it worth $176k, well, we’re not so sure about that. But it’s clear that a lot of time, effort, and labor went into making this vintage Bronco something truly special, and we can appreciate that more than its looks, at least.

Photos: Mecum Auctions

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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