Discover Actress Sydney Sweeney’s Passion for Fords

Sydney Sweeney Loves Fords

At Gary Crossley Ford, we are always delighted to hear stories of people who share our love for Ford vehicles. Recently, we came across a story that caught our attention, which was shared by actress Sydney Sweeney, and we just had to share it with you. 

Sydney Sweeney is an actress who has appeared in numerous films and television series. But did you know that she comes from a family of mechanics? It was on her great-grandfather’s F-100 that she learned how to drive, and that is where she first fell in love with Ford. A vintage Ford Bronco was her dream car, and she wanted it badly. 

As the only girl in the shop, Sydney changed the transmission, added power steering, updated the brakes, designed the interior, and added a roll bar, among other modifications. Her passion for cars was so great that she even made videos to show her family the process. However, little did she know that her videos would reach many other people too. 

After finishing her Bronco, Sydney had to get a Mustang, of course. The experience of modifying her own vehicles showed her that she could do more than she thought she could. She hopes that her passion for cars will inspire other women to follow their own passions too. 

At Gary Crossley Ford, we love hearing stories like Sydney’s. It’s not just about owning a Ford; it’s about the passion that people have for their vehicles. Sydney’s story demonstrates that anyone can modify their vehicles to fit their own needs and personality, regardless of their gender. And it’s not just about how a vehicle looks, but also how it performs. 

We believe that Ford vehicles are not just cars; they are a symbol of American ingenuity and hard work. We strive to provide our customers with the best Ford vehicles that they can modify to make their own. And when we hear stories like Sydney’s, we know that we are doing something right. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle that you can modify to fit your personality and needs, come to Gary Crossley Ford. We have a vast selection of Ford vehicles that you can choose from, and we are always ready to help you make it your own. Thank you, Sydney Sweeney, for sharing your story, and for being a part of the Ford family. 



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