Buying a Ford Model T in 1923: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ford Model T advertisement

In the early 20th century, the Ford Model T was one of the most popular cars on the market. Its affordability and reliability made it accessible to the average person, and millions of Americans bought one over the years. But what was the process for a customer buying a Ford Model T in 1923? 

The first step in buying a Model T was research. Customers would read advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and catalogs to learn about the car’s features and benefits. They could also visit a Ford dealership and talk to a salesperson. In those days, Ford dealerships were often small and simple, with little decoration or advertising. 

Once a customer had decided to buy a Model T, they would place an order with a Ford dealer. The dealer would provide the customer with an order form, which they would fill out with their preferred options and accessories. Options available for the Model T in 1923 included different colors, tire types, and upholstery materials. 

To secure the order, the customer would need to pay a deposit. The deposit amount varied but was typically around $50. The total cost of the car was around $500 at the time, which is roughly equivalent to $7,400 in today’s currency. 

After placing the order, the customer would have to wait for their car to be built. The wait time could be several weeks to several months, depending on the demand for the car. The Model T was built on an assembly line, which allowed for efficient production and a low cost, but it also meant that each car was essentially identical. 

Once the car was built, the dealer would contact the customer to arrange for delivery. The customer would need to pay the balance of the purchase price and any additional charges, such as taxes and delivery fees. 

After taking possession of the car, the customer would need to register it with their state or local government and obtain license plates. In those days, registration and licensing procedures were much simpler than they are today, but it was still a necessary step in owning a car. 

Buying a Ford Model T in 1923 was a significant investment that required some patience and planning, but it was a process that millions of Americans went through to own the iconic car. Today, the Model T is remembered as a symbol of American innovation and ingenuity, and its impact on the automotive industry cannot be overstated. 



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