FordPass Rewards Program: Navigating the New Changes

FordPass Rewards Program

The FordPass rewards program is not just an added perk for Ford vehicle owners; it’s an evolving ecosystem designed to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Recently, Ford has announced significant changes to the FordPass rewards program, set to be implemented in January 2024. 

Previously, the FordPass system was based on achieving Milestones. However, the upcoming changes pivot the focus towards ‘Tier Activities.’ This shift is aimed at simplifying the process for users to climb up the rewards ladder, from the initial Bronze level to the more coveted Silver and Blue statuses. 


At the heart of these changes is the introduction of Tier Activities. These include various customer interactions with Ford, such as purchasing or leasing a new Ford vehicle, buying a certified pre-owned car through the Ford Blue Advantage program, purchasing Ford accessories, obtaining service from Ford dealers, or opting for a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. Notably, Ford has hinted at expanding this list of activities in the future. 

The structure of the tier system is straightforward. Completing 0-1 Tier Activities earns the Bronze status, with members gaining 10 points per dollar spent on services, partner offers, and other eligible items. The Silver status, achieved by completing 2-4 activities, includes a 5% bonus on points earned. The pinnacle, Blue status, is reserved for those completing five or more activities, offering a 10% points bonus. 

An interesting addition is for FordPass Rewards Visa cardholders. Their first credit card transaction each year automatically grants them Silver status, and spending $25,000 within a year elevates them to the Blue Tier. 


These changes reflect Ford’s commitment to enhancing customer loyalty. A recent study highlighted that FordPass members are more likely to return to Ford dealers, like Gary Crossley Ford for service and exhibit brand loyalty. By making it easier to advance through the rewards tiers, Ford is nurturing a more engaged and satisfied customer base, which is crucial in today’s competitive automotive market. 

Ford’s strategic move to update its FordPass rewards program aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to provide value-added services to its customers. As we approach 2024, Ford vehicle owners can look forward to a more streamlined and rewarding loyalty program. 


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