Drop a Huge Blown 600 Cubic-Inch V8 into an S550 Mustang? YES, PLEASE!

S550 Mustang And Its 5.0 Liter Coyote V8
This insane S550 Mustang goes old school with a giant supercharged motor that can’t be tamed and Crossley Customs got all the details.

In the old days, hot rodders stuffed as many cubic inches as they could into their rides in a never-ending quest to build the fastest car in their community. These days, things have changed a bit, and even smaller displacement engines can make big power, while the S550 Mustang and its 5.0-liter Coyote V8 offers more than enough power potential to satisfy just about anyone’s appetite. But YouTuber Emelia Hartford wanted to take it back to the old school with her S550 Mustang, so she went a bit bonkers and stuffed a supercharged 600 cubic-inch V8 into it.

600 Cubic-Inch V8 into an S550 Mustang

The end result looks a lot like a Hot Wheels car we can go to the store and purchase, and as it turns out, it’s even more fun to drive, as we can see by Hartford’s reactions in the video below. The Mustang may “only” crank a dyno certified 815 horsepower, but Hartford notes that “it feels like it has 2,000.” The sites and sounds of this massively supercharged V8 are the real show here, as it makes that power in the most dramatic way possible.

The gigantic motor is topped off with a Holley Terminator X EFI system, a dual 4500 carb-style fuel-injection setup, and an equally huge 14-71 Roots supercharger. It makes so much low-end torque that it easily spun its tires on the dyno, making it a bit hard to record any accurate results. The monster motor is backed up by a Tremec Magnum XL transmission that’s been fortified with a multi-disc clutch, but still has trouble putting its power to the ground, unsurprisingly.

Clearly, if Hartford wants to extract maximum performance from this insane build, she’s going to have to figure out a way to do just that. But personally, we’d just leave it as-is, making it the kind of car that’s so completely out of control that you can’t help but giggle non-stop every time you hop behind the wheel and smash the go pedal. After all, modern performance cars are so effortlessly fast that they’ve sort of lost their soul, while this ridiculous build turns back the clock.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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