4 Things You Need To Do Right Now To Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Vehicle Covered In Snow

Over the hills and through the woods to Grandma’s house is all fine and good until the exact moment it’s not, and we’re not talking about Great Uncle Bartholomew with his inappropriate jokes.

The holidays are stressful enough, but if you take a back seat full of hungry impatient kids, throw in a pinch of icy roads, and top it all off with a little unexpected car trouble, that, my friends, is a sure-fire recipe for a December you don’t want to remember.

You don’t have to be a Scout to always be prepared.

The Missouri Department of Transportation’s Traveller Information Map (https://traveler.modot.org/map/) can help holiday travelers check current road conditions across the state, and you can call their customer service center to check road conditions 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Christmas morning at 888-Ask-MODOT (888-275-6636). 

But long before you pack the car with the presents, the kids, and the cranberry sauce, MODOT recommends you make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip.


check a car battery

Freezing and near freezing temps can put a strain on your car’s battery. A battery that had plenty of juice for Thanksgiving may not be up to the challenge if there’s a cold snap at Grandma’s house.


If the ratio of antifreeze-to-water in your cooling system is too low, your hoses could burst, the water pump could freeze up, and you may be spending a few extra nights in your childhood bedroom now known as grandmom’s new yoga studio.  An ill timed downward facing dog pose can scar you for life.


checking wiper blades

Wintry mix is what they call it. The dreaded drizzle with a little sleet, a dusting of snow, and worst of all below-freezing temperatures that guarantee no matter what the precipitation was when it fell from the sky, it will congeal into a blinding mess as soon as it hits your windshield. One good storm can deplete a half-empty tank of wiper fluid and those flimsy old wiper blades you’ve been meaning to replace may as well not be there at all.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one out of 10 accidents are caused by tire failure so getting your tires checked out before any long trip makes sense; icy roads, and near-freezing temperature only make the problem that much worse. You need every bit of tread you can get! Plus as the temperatures drop so does the air pressure in your tires. If your tire pressure is low when you leave the garage, there’s no telling what it could be by the time you hit Ottumwa!

Of course, you need your brakes in tip top shape so you can be ready for whatever the holiday road throws at you.

Crossley Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Liberty has got you covered.

No matter what make or model vehicle you drive, Crossley Quick Lane can help make sure it’s ready for the trip. That way all you have to worry about is not being in the den when Bartholomew starts his famous “pull my finger” schtick.

Now through 12/31/2021, our winterization special lets you hit the road with confidence for just $299.95

  • Oil Change (up to 6 quarts synthetic blend, gasoline engine vehicles only) 
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Coolant Exchange
  • Wiper Blades Replaced
  • Fluid Inspection & Top Off
  • Tire Rotation & Check Up
  • Brake Inspection
  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Battery Inspection & Service

Safe travels and happy holidays from your friends at Crossley Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center.



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