There Is Something Just Cool About this 1963 F-100 Unibody Restomod Truck

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In the early Sixties, Ford made a bold move with its F-Series pickups: the Unibody. The ’61 through ’63 F-100 and F-250 featured a bed welded to the back of the cab; the back itself would also be the front of the bed. The whole thing was then laid upon its frame, much like all of Ford’s cars were assembled. Alas, structural issues with the body’s construction led the Blue Oval to scrap the whole thing by the end of ’63, returning to the tried-and-true two-piece construction for all trucks.

Restomod ’63 F-100 Unibody Numero “Uno” in White

Still, there’s something just cool about the F-100 and F-250 “Unibody” trucks. Enough for more than a few builders to craft into stunning masterpieces. One such ’63 F-100 Unibody is heading to the big tent of Barrett-Jackson when the circus heads into Scottsdale, Arizona this January, one well worth the wait.

Restomod ’63 F-100 Unibody Numero “Uno” in White

Completed this November, the F-100 Unibody build took five years to reach the finish line. According to Barrett-Jackson’s listing, “multiple big-name builders and shops have helped mold this vision into a reality.” Though they don’t mention everyone involved, two of the names attached to the build are Charles “Sleeves” Cimino, one of the stars of Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud, and Ceballos Customs, who handled the exterior and interior.

Another contribution to the ’63 F-100 Unibody build, named “Uno,” comes from famed NASCAR engine builders Roush Yates. Under the long hood resides the builder’s 547 cubic inch V8, packing 515 horses and 645 lb-ft of torque. All pass through a six-speed automatic and down along a carbon fiber driveshaft to a Strange posi-trac rear with 3.89 gears. The sound, meanwhile, escapes through a custom exhaust with three-inch pipes and MagnaFlow mufflers attached.

Restomod ’63 F-100 Unibody Numero “Uno” in White

Inside the F-100 Unibody, Ceballos Customs delivered a black bench with diamond quilt, accented by red stitching. Dakota Digital gauges, a Morel sound system, and an aftermarket HVAC system are some of the other touches within the cab.

Restomod ’63 F-100 Unibody Numero “Uno” in White

This F-100 Unibody is sure to stun everyone in Scottsdale this January. It’s amazing what a lot of patience (and big names) can do for a build.

Photos: Barrett-Jackson

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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