What is Your Trade In Worth the Kansas City Area?

Value Your Trade
Four simple steps to discover your car's Kelley Blue Book value.

If you want to trade in your vehicle, you can also bring it Gary Crossley Ford to be inspected by an experienced member of our team. But, If you prefer to do it on your own, use our Kelley Blue Book online Value Your Trade tool above. Simply answer questions about the current condition of your car and KBB will provide you with a fair and competitive offer.

What Factors Will Affect Your Vehicle's Trade in Value?

  • Vehicle Age: How old is your vehicle?
  • Mileage: How many miles has your car driven? What is your mileage in comparison to your vehicle’s age?
  • Ownership: Have you been the car’s only owner?
  • Vehicle History: Has your vehicle ever been in an accident?
  • Current Vehicle Condition: Is there any exterior damage on your car? What is the condition of the interior?
  • Matching Tires: Are all four tires the same? Are they the recommended tires for your specific make and model?
  • Options and Add-Ons: What packages or extra features are equipped on your ride?
  • Mechanical Condition: Has the engine been well maintained? What services were recently performed?
  • Seasonal Demand: Is the weather causing people to want all-wheel drive SUVs or convertibles?
  • Paint Color: Is your car a unique color? Does it have a custom paint job?

While researching the estimated market value for your car before trading it in is recommended, it’s important to note that other factors may impact its value. For this reason, it’s a wise idea to consult with an experienced vehicle appraiser at Gary Crossley Ford.

About Kelley Blue Book® Values
For over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has been The Trusted Resource for used car values, helping car owners understand what their used car is worth. Kelley Blue Book Values are the results of massive amounts of data, including actual sales transactions and auction prices, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for seasonality and market trends. Kelley Blue Book Values reflect local conditions in over 100 different geographic regions and are updated weekly to give consumers the most up-to-date used car pricing information.