Award Winning Staff

Triple Crown

Crossley Triple Crown Award Winning Staff

The Ford Triple Crown Award recognizes those dealerships that have earned the President’s Award, membership in the Ford 100 Club and Premier Club distinction in the same year; a truly remarkable achievement. This elite group of Ford dealers demonstrate excellence across the enterprise. Gary Crossley Ford is among the relative few dealers that have earned this prestigious honor.
100 Club

Ford 100 Club

Membership in the Ford 100 Club means that Gary Crossley Ford is among the top 100 dealerships in the United States for volume sales. Gary Crossley Ford offers a combination of exceptional customer service and a broad selection of Ford vehicles to meet every need, making the dealership a sales leader year after year.
Presidents Award

The President’s Award

The President’s Award is presented only to the top fifteen dealerships that have achieved the highest customer satisfaction scores in their region. It shows that Gary Crossley Ford is committed to providing a best-in-class customer experience in every area of the dealership.
Premier Club

The Premier Club Award

The Premier Club Award is an honor bestowed upon dealers for top parts and service performance. To be a member of Ford’s Premier Club, a dealer must be one of the top 50 retail parts purchasing Ford dealerships in the nation. Having a high volume of parts in stock means that Gary Crossley Ford is more likely to have the part you need when you bring your vehicle in for service, saving you both time and money.

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