Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value Has Likely Soared at Gary Crossley Ford

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Kansas City area used car values appreciated dramatically in 2021, but will the 2022 new year see the bubble burst? #MyKCFord can help with that answer.

Christmas is never cheap. It’s not meant to be, but this last Christmas, yikes, 2021 was a doozy.

Little Johnny’s train set and all the other gifts cost more. Just getting to Grandma’s house cost more. Have you seen the recent price of gas in Missouri?

Even the nasty freaking cranberry sauce COST more. A lot more!

Everything cost more this year, and that’s left a lot of people taking a serious look at their financial situation now that Christmas is over and the New Year’s bills are coming due.

Gary Crossley Ford in the Kansas City area may be able to help.

Along with everything else, the value of the cars sitting in your driveway has gone up drastically.

Over the last year, the value of the average vehicle traded in at car dealerships has more than doubled according to David Paris an automotive analyst and senior manager with JD Power.

The cars and trucks sitting in your driveway and garage right now could be worth twice as much as they were a year ago.

Many families have been able to consolidate vehicles now that some members are working from home. Car buyers, who just a few short months ago were “upside-down” on their car loan, meaning that they owed more than their car was worth, now find themselves in the enviable position of having actual equity in their vehicle.

Of course, prices on new and used vehicles at the dealership have increased too, but for many people around Kansas City, rising car prices have turned into a blessing in disguise.

Without the burden of negative equity, some car buyers who had been unable to trade at all can now get into a newer, nicer vehicle. Others with an extra vehicle can use its increased equity to pay off some holiday bills, take a vacation, or put the money to better use than sitting in the yard.

If you’d like to get a free, no-obligation value appraisal on any vehicle you own, reach out to Todd Gentry, our General Sale Manager at Gary Crossley Ford. He’ll let you know exactly what your car, truck, or SUV is worth in today’s hot market, and make you an on-the-spot offer to buy your vehicle whether you buy one of ours or not.

Todd Gentry, General Sales Manager at Gary Crossley Ford

Hurry in today and experience the Crossley Difference for yourself.



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