Jason Buchanan is a Major Part of the Gary Crossley Ford Difference

Jason Buchanan Garycrossley Ford

Jason Buchanan likes his job. Like, a lot.


“I’ve been here for six years,” says Jason. “I’m an internet sales manager and I love this dealership just because of a few things.”


“One, we give great customer service. By the way, we won the President’s Award this year because of that customer service. And number two, it just is a great atmosphere overall, everybody gets along and I love taking care of our customers here at Gary Crossley Ford.”


Making the customer happy is the job.

Jason is a lifelong Kanas City resident and spent 22 years in the restaurant business around town learning to put a smile on every customer face under the most challenging of circumstances.

Compared to the life of a sous chef, the car business is a breeze.

“I was buying cars from Gary Crossley before I started working here, and had just a good experience. I asked Lisa my salesperson what I had to do to sell cars and she says you’ve got most of it down. You come from a restaurant background so you can handle objections and complaints and you do well with people.”

The rest is history.

jason Buchanan and family

All work and no play makes Jason a dull boy.

As much as he’d like to, we won’t let Jason work all the time.

“It’s just fun, man. I love being at this place.”

He’s got family to keep him occupied too – a wife, a couple of kids, and a grandkid to chase around now.

When we absolutely, positively won’t let him work anyone, he likes to load his kayak on top of his Ford Explorer and head off to a couple of honey holes he knows about on Smithville Lake, Lake Jacomo, or Blue Springs Lake to chase largemouth bass, channel cat, and the occasional muskie.

It keeps his batteries charged, he says, and happy employees make for happy customers.

josey scott and jason buchanan at gary crossley ford with customers

Liberty, Missouri, and Gary Crossley Ford go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Jason and his wife moved to Liberty in 2003 looking for a good place to raise a family. What they found was a great place to build a life.

“Liberty is awesome,”  says Jason. 

“We did a lot of research on the area, and it all said Liberty was a top 10 School system for Missouri. So we chose Liberty, and we haven’t looked back. It’s a good community, man. It’s tight knit. They’ve got high values and high standards here.”

Gary Crossley Ford isn’t just in Liberty, Missouri, the dealership is of Liberty.

“I think it comes from the top. You’ve got Todd Crossley and Terry Miller, especially Todd, who’s just phenomenal. He’s the reason why I think I came there. I heard good things about what he does for his employees. And that’s really what brought me in here,” says Jason.

“He’s got this community on lockdown. I mean, the family name is plastered all over both high schools and his kids are ingrained in the school district here.”

That makes the people of Liberty, not just a customer base, but an actual community of friends, and family, and coworkers, and classmates, and that, my friends, that’s the Crossley difference.

At Gary Crossley Ford we have to treat every customer just like we would want our mothers to be treated. We have to.

If we don’t treat every customer like a rock star every single time, we’ll hear about it… from everybody else!



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