Gary Crossley Ford Wins Award as Top Rated Ford Dealer in Kansas City

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The Ford President’s Award goes to new Ford car dealers with the happiest customers as reported by the customers themselves.

Winner winner. Chicken dinner.

Listen, we like awards, trophies, and blue ribbons as much as anyone. Winning is fun.

The Ford President’s award is in a class by itself though, and we’re pretty stoked at Gary Crossley Ford.

Kansas City consumers chose Gary Crossley Ford

The President’s Award is presented each year to Ford dealers receiving the highest customer satisfaction scores in their region.

That’s what makes this award so special. You can’t buy it. You can’t schmooze your way into it, and no amount of you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours hijinx can help.

You can only win the President’s Award by taking care of your customers day in and day out.

Ford sends out a customer survey to every single customer we sell a new Ford. They send one to every single customer who brings their Ford into our service department for maintenance or repair. Every single customer. Every single time. There’s no wiggle room.

Detroit brought the trophy, but you cast the votes.

We must be doing something right!

2021 Ford President's Award

Out of over 3,000 Ford dealerships nationwide, only the top ten percent  or so will receive this prestigious award

“The President’s Award signifies our gratitude for those dealers who reach beyond daily tasks and make a difference to their customers,” said Frederick Toney, Vice President of Ford Customer Service Division. 

“We award our dealers for their outstanding commitment to our customers. Just as Ford strives to deliver the highest quality products and technologies to customers, our dealers share that same passion in providing a world-class experience in vehicle sales and service.”

That’s The Crossley Difference

We like awards. We’ve got cases of them, but the truth is the award is just the cherry on top. It’s nice to be recognized for what we’re doing, but it’s what we’re doing that matters.

We treat every customer like we want our friends and family to be treated when they visit a dealership. Every single time. We do everything in our power to deliver a customer experience that is friendly, fun, fast, and fair. 

The car business is changing rapidly, and every day presents new and different problems – from supply chain issues to finding that one-of-a-kind vehicle that a customer just has to have.

Whatever the issue, we find that when we’re 100% open and honest with our customers, when we bend over backward to help them, our customers notice, they keep coming back, and all the awards just take care of themselves.

Thank you.



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