Frankie Petty, Meet the Gary Crossley Ford Team

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Frankie Petty wears a lot of hats at Gary Crossley Ford. In her spare time, she’s the mayor of Glenaire, MO.

Frankie Petty smiling while sitting on railroad tracks
Frankie Petty enjoying some rays.

She pretty much runs the rodeo at work too. 

She’s an executive assistant to the general manager Terry Miller, she’s an events coordinator, and she’s in charge of making your phone play nice with your car.

Like most everyone else at Gary Crossley Ford, Frankie has been working here a good long while. Almost ten years now for Frankie. That doesn’t happen by accident. We like it when good people stick around so we give them a place to thrive. 

And judging by her political success, Frankie’s pretty good people.

Frankie’s sudden rise to power in Glenaire politics

6 years ago, Frankie moved to Glenaire, MO and befriended city clerk and powerhouse octogenarian, Ann Tucker. Frankie began volunteering with city events and activities, getting involved, helping her friend Ann and helping her community. Soon she stepped into an open alderman seat.

Becoming mayor of Glenaire, never really entered into the equation. The then-mayor had been in office a decade, and he hadn’t indicated that any intention of stepping down. The vice mayor was waiting in the wings.

But Ann Tucker came to Frankie with the idea of running for mayor and became her biggest supporter.

“You already do everything you should be doing anyway,” Ann said. “Just do it.”

And Frankie just did it. 

The people of Glenaire agreed with Ann Tucker, and they agreed with Gary Crossley Ford’s assessment of Frankie Petty’s potential.

They agreed then and they must agree now. Frankie is going on her third term as mayor simply by knocking on her neighbor’s doors and asking how she can help.

That’s The Crossley Difference

That’s the kind of people we look for at Gary Crossley Ford. The kind of people who look for opportunities to help our customers. That’s exactly why Frankie wears so many hats at the store, she kept finding new ways to be helpful. How can she help you?

Contact Frankie Petty at Gary Crossley Ford

You can reach Frankie Petty at Gary Crossley Ford by email or reach out to her at 816-883-2739

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