Ford Flex Buy Financing Program Available at Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City

Ford Credit Flex Buy Program
The Ford Buy Program at Gary Crossley Ford helps you own the Ford of your dreams with lower monthly payments, no mileage restrictions, and the freedom to customize your ride.

How Does Ford Flex Buy Work?

The Ford Flex Buy program allows Gary Crossley Ford customers to finance their new car, truck, or SUV with more affordable monthly payments for the first 3 years of ownership. You are free to then trade the vehicle in or continue with moderately higher payments for the remainder of the loan term. 

  • No overage charges for excess mileage
  • Monthly payment discounts up to 18%
  • Every payment boost equity & ownership
  • Unlimited customization and accessory options 
  • 66 – 75 month terms

Is Ford Flex Buy The Same As A Lease

The Ford Flex Buy financing isn’t a lease. It helps customers purchase vehicles with the full authority and pride of ownership while still driving more car for less money. It’s all yours. 100%.  Drive it as much as you want; personalize, customize or accessorize it any way you want.

Is Ford Flex Buy Good For The Customer?

Ford Flex Buy is a great option for car or truck buyers looking to lower  monthly payments over the next few years while awaiting a promotion, a new deployment, or graduation. Flex Buy financing is open to first-time buyers locking in Ford’s best finance rates and three years of payment discounts.

“Let’s say you have an RN that’s about ready to get out of school. That industry needs people so bad as soon as they get out of school, they’re going to get a job, right? Maybe they’re just looking for a car to get them through their last two years in college, explains Todd Gentry at Gary Crossley Ford. “They can buy that vehicle to a lesser payment now and then by the time they’re actually working out in the field. They’re making more money and they can afford the higher payment.”

Ford Flex Buy

Experience The Crossley Difference With the Ford Flex Buy Program

“Flex buys are great,” says Gentry.

“Especially with the market as of lately. If I know I’m going to trade out of a car in 36 months anyway, I can have a lower payment now, and I know the car market is going to hold strong. I’m not really concerned about being in a negative equity situation when I go to trade it in or when my payments go up 36 months from now.  I’m just going to go into my dealer then and say I would consider trading this vehicle. And at that point, you can make your decision right? Do you want to make the last payments that are higher or do you just want to trade out of it to a newer model?”

Either way, your friends in the car business at Gary Crossley Ford are here to help you make the best decision for you and your situation. How can we help?


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