Ford College Student Program Adds Up the Savings at Gary Crossley Ford

Gary Crossley Ford college student program

It’s kind of trendy these days.

People like to say that going to college is what lazy people do instead of working for a living. How it’s all keg parties and football games. That people go to college to get a break from real life and take it easy for a few years.

I’d like to learn more about this mythical college experience that’s all play with no work. That’s not how it went for me.

There may be a few keg parties and football games in the mix, but there is nothing easy about college. College is hard. It’s a case study on grit, determination, and delayed gratification.

Plus it’s crazy expensive.

Gary Crossley Ford can’t do anything about skyrocketing tuition costs and student loan payments, but can help you drive a new car or truck for less.

Ford College Student Purchase Program

The average new car payment is now coming in at around $700 a month and interest rates for car loans are now scraping against heights they haven’t seen since today’s college graduates were heading off for their first day of kindergarten. 

Between rising finance costs, rising new car prices, and skyrocketing student loan balances, today’s students and freshly minted graduates are struggling to afford reliable transportation.

Fortunately, Gary Crossley Ford is participating in Ford’s College Student Purchase Program which helps reduce the costs of financing a new Ford car or truck by offering finance tier enhancement. What this means current students and anyone who has graduated from either a two or four-year institution within the last two years may be eligible to be bumped up into a higher finance tier and receiver a lower finance rate whether they are leasing or buying a new vehicle.

Almost every new Ford vehicle qualifies, and participants can receive discount financing over terms up to 75 months.

The dealer’s lawyer is yelling while I type that conditions apply, and it’s subject to credit approval, and anyone who went to Arkansas does not qualify.

Ford College Student Bonus Cash

But wait, there’s more as the guy on the late-night commercial selling the really good Ginsu knives says.

Ford has synchronized eligibility for the College Student Purchase Program (CSPP) financing discounts with the Ford College Recognition Program’s cash rewards for students and new grads.

It’s like two discount programs in one. Well, it’s two different programs, but you benefit from both.

In addition to the finance tier enhancement and lower finance charges, you’ll probably qualify for a cash reward of up to $750 bucks.

Cash money.

The only thing rising faster than prices and interest rates is down payments so an extra $750 might come in handy with that. Or you can spend it on one last Mega-Toga Super Party. The lawyers say it’s OK

Ford Maverick truck

Experience the Crossley Difference

Seriously, it’s your money, spend it how you like. There’s nothing better on God’s green than free money.

At Gary Crossley Ford, we want to see you get every penny of free money that you’re entitled to, and the way we do that is by having real conversations and building real relationships with our customers. 

We know our customers. We know the right questions to ask, and we know where the treasure is buried. Stop by and talk to any member of our team today, and let’s see what we can dig up for you.

Free Money!

Free Money!

Free Money!



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