#MyKCFord is Where You Can Buy a Shelby American Truck in Kansas City

Shelby Gary Crossley Ford
#MyKCFord is your dealer for Shelby F150s, Raptors, F250 Super Bajas, F150 Super Snakes, and F150 Super Snake Sports.

You know the old saying; if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it? Well, that’s not 100% entirely true.

Ok. So Shelby trucks ain’t cheap. The least expensive puppy in the litter is gonna run you a smidge over $90 grand. We are not exactly giving them away, but it’s reasonable money for parking a bonafide beast in your driveway.

“Shelby is a very prominent name in performance trucks. We kind of started off being a Shelby authorized dealer. That’s what introduced us to all these other trucks,” says Clark Hewitt, Special Vehicles Team Specialist at Gary Crossley Ford, “so our main focus does tend to be Shelby.”

Shelby truck in kansas City

Shelby Truck Pricing

Shelby F150 Super Snake Sport from $90,790 MSRP

Shelby F150 Super Snake from $106,130 MSRP

Shelby F150 from $107,430 MSRP

Shelby Raptor $124,820 MSRP

Shelby F250 Super Baja $125,805 MSRP

Gary Crossley Ford is an authorized dealer for every monster in the Shelby stable.

“We get the lowered Super Snake F150s. We get raised Shelby F150s, both of which come with 775 horsepower. We also get Shelby Baja Raptors upfitted by Tuscanny. And then new to the lineup is the Super Baja Raptor which is built on an F 250 platform and comes with the diesel motor.  That’s more of a heavy duty truck there,” says Clark.

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

Here’s another old saying for you: it pays to know people. And when it comes to Shelby trucks in Kansas City, the people to know are the people at Gary Crossley Ford.

We can get you behind the wheel of the Shelby truck you’ve been dreaming about. Lifted. Supercharged. With all the bells and whistles.

But here’s the Crossley Difference: Crossley Custom Trucks.

“If somebody likes the look of a Shelby, but doesn’t want to pay for the name, we can build them their own Crossley Custom, to their liking,” Clark says.

Either way, you get a truck that turns heads everywhere you go.


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