Where are Roush Trucks For Sale in Missouri?

2022 Roush F 150
Only one dealership in the Kansas City area offers authorized Roush performance trucks and the Crossley Difference, that dealership is Gary Crossley Ford.

Missouri loves Ford trucks. There’s no getting around that.

The bigger the better. Faster. Louder. More rugged. With an extra helping of them big ‘ol tires. When you add all the Roush truck goodies, well that’s just the cherry on top. 

More truck. More better.

What is a Roush truck?

Roush performance and specialty packages turn brand spanking new, fresh from the factory Ford F-150s, Super Duties, and Ranger trucks into off-road, race track, and parking lot powerhouse legends. And they look good, real good.

Jack Roush has been an institution in Ford Performance and Racing circles since the 1960s. Now he and his company Roush Performance Engineering are dominant forces in the wide, wide world of motorsports providing Roush engines and components for drag, oval-track, hill-climb, and offshore powerboat racing.

Roush Trucks bridge the gap between on-track competition and daily driver function and form.

How much does a Roush truck cost?

Roush truck performance upgrades are available at Gary Crossley Ford for the 2022 F150, the 2022 Ranger, and the 2022 Super Duty for as little as $13,000 over base MSRP of the vehicle.

The Roush trucks at Gary Crossley Ford come with a few extra goodies

“We order our Roush Trucks their all around level kit, which means instead of adding to two blocks to the front, they actually upgrade all four coil over suspension, and it ends up giving you about two and a half inch level lift,” says Clark Hewitt, internet sales manager at Gary Crossley Ford.  

“So we do their all-around level kit, plus their wheel and tire package. We opt for Roush’s custom two-tone leather interior, and we also opt for their active valve exhaust.”

So your new truck will look good and sound even better!

2022 Roush F-150

How much horsepower does a Roush truck have?

More often than not, Roush delivers its trucks to Gary Crossley Ford with the lift package, appearance package, wheels and tires, etc. They leave the engine and the truck’s performance as it came from the Ford factory. That’s plenty powerful enough for most folks.

But if you feel the need… the need for speed, Clark Hewitt says Gary Crossley Ford can hook you up.

“If you did want to slap 700 horsepower on it, we can do that,” he says. Right now I think we have two or three Roush superchargers in stock that could be added to their vehicles. That gives the customer a warrantied 700 horsepower. All covered by the manufacturer warranty as long as the work is done by a certified Ford Performance shop like Gary Crossley Ford.”

Big truck go fast!

Come Experience the Crossley Difference

It’s crazy we get to come to work and talk about stuff we love all day, and we love this stuff. Roush truck builds some serious eye candy, and when you add in a 700 horsepower Roush supercharger, that’s a truck worth talking about.

If you’ve been dreaming about a Roush truck – F150, Ranger, or Super Duty, now’s the time to stop dreaming and start making it happen. 

Reach out to Clark Hewitt or any of our truck-loving team with any questions or ideas. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get your Roush truck.


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