Enjoy Outdoor Movies: Drive-In Theaters in Kansas City with Ford

B&B Twin Drive-In

When it comes to enjoying a quintessential summer night out, drive-in theaters offer a unique and nostalgic experience. The Kansas City area is fortunate to have two exceptional drive-in theaters that cater to movie enthusiasts seeking a memorable evening. Whether you prefer the world’s first 4K drive-in cinema experience or a family-friendly theater with a long-standing tradition, Kansas City has something for everyone. In addition to exploring these fantastic venues, we will also discuss the benefits of attending a drive-in theater and highlight some of the best Ford vehicles to maximize your comfort and enjoyment. 

Boulevard Drive in

Boulevard Drive-In

A Cutting-Edge Cinema Experience Nestled in Merriam, Kansas, the Boulevard Drive-In stands as the world’s first 4K drive-in cinema experience. Boasting two screens, this theater treats moviegoers to double features on each screen, doubling the excitement. From April to October, the Boulevard Drive-In welcomes visitors seeking top-quality picture and sound, elevating the outdoor movie-watching experience to new heights. 

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B&B Twin Drive-In

A Family Tradition Since 1965 Located in Independence, Missouri, the B&B Twin Drive-In has been a beloved family-friendly destination since 1965. With two screens showcasing double features, this theater creates an atmosphere of nostalgia and community. Open from April to October, the B&B Twin Drive-In invites movie enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy the magic of cinema under the open sky. 

Benefits of Drive-In Theaters 

Bring your own food and drinks: One of the most significant advantages of drive-in theaters is the ability to save money on concessions by bringing your own snacks and beverages. Enjoy your favorite treats without breaking the bank.

Choose your seating preference

Drive-in theaters offer the freedom to watch the movie from the comfort of your car or set up lawn chairs outside. This flexibility allows you to tailor the experience to your liking, whether you prefer the coziness of your vehicle or the relaxation of an outdoor setting. 

Embrace the outdoors

Drive-in theaters provide a unique opportunity to savor the beauty of nature while enjoying a film. Revel in the fresh air and open space, combining the joys of outdoor activities with the magic of cinema. 

Ford Vehicles for the Ultimate Drive-In Experience

Ford Mustang Mach-E

This sleek all-electric SUV combines stylish design with impressive performance. With its spacious interior, comfortable seating, and whisper-quiet electric powertrain, the Mustang Mach-E ensures a serene movie-watching experience. The front trunk (frunk) conveniently stores your movie essentials, keeping your cabin clutter-free. 

Ford Explorer

Ideal for families and larger groups, the Ford Explorer offers three-row seating and generous cargo space. Its available twin-panel moonroof creates an open and airy ambiance during the movie. The advanced infotainment system simplifies device connectivity, making it effortless to set up an outdoor movie night with loved ones. 

Ford F-150

As America’s best-selling pickup truck, the Ford F-150 combines power and functionality. The spacious cab accommodates passengers and gear with ease. The available tailgate work surface transforms into a convenient table for snacks or a mini-picnic during intermission. With Pro Power Onboard, you can even power electronics, transforming your truck bed into a cozy movie-watching area. 

Ford Bronco

Adventure seekers will find the Ford Bronco an excellent choice for a drive-in experience. With its rugged design, removable roof, and doors, this iconic SUV allows you to immerse yourself fully in the outdoor ambiance of the drive-in theater. The Bronco’s ample cargo space and off-road capability make it perfect for any camping or tailgating needs associated with the drive-in experience. Regardless of whether you park on grass or uneven terrain, the Bronco’s available Trail Toolbox ensures stability and peace of mind throughout the evening. 

Kansas City’s drive-in theaters offer a charming and nostalgic escape from the traditional movie theater experience. With the Boulevard Drive-In’s cutting-edge 4K cinema and the B&B Twin Drive-In’s long-standing family tradition, movie enthusiasts have excellent options to choose from. Additionally, the benefits of attending a drive-in theater, such as bringing your own food and drinks, choosing your preferred seating, enjoying the outdoors, and even bringing your pets, make it an even more enticing option for a classic summer night out. 



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