6 of Kansas City’s Best Hiking Trails and Walking Paths

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Rozarks Nature Trail

This is a rocky network of trails at Mount Marty Park. It’s moderately challenging with steep, narrow sections and rustic handmade bridges. The view of the city from the war memorial is beautiful, and the perfect place to catch a sunrise or sunset. This is a lovely small trail in the heart of the city.

Blue River Parkway River Trail

This is a beautiful, well-maintained trail that hugs the river. The riverbank has many smooth, flat stones and the path leads to some great places for a spot of rock-skimming. While this trail is varied and moderate there are some much more challenging routes around for the seasoned hiker.

Nature Trail at Unity Village

Nature Trail at Unity Village map

The gravel path here is well kept and mostly flat along this 2.6-mile loop. A railroad tunnel with a colorful mural adorning the sides leads to a fairly challenging hill, with a steep path to the left and a more gradual climb to the right.

There is plenty to explore and see along the way with a cool natural bridge, flat labyrinth, fitness stations, and views of lakes, creeks, and caves. You are welcome to walk your dog on a leash, but bikes are not permitted.

White Tail Trail

Mapof White Tail Trail

Of all the trails found at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary, this is the most technical. Steep, craggy slopes offer glorious views across the bluffs, although it should be easy enough even for small children.

There is sure to be lots of wildlife to admire and photograph along the way, with dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and deer often spotted here. The waterfall is especially impressive after heavy rainfall and you will struggle to find a grander one around.

Trail of Heroes

Trail of Heroes sign

The Trail of Heroes is a peaceful place to walk and reflect on the lives of those who served their city. Thoughtful and touching memorials and tributes to fallen officers line the mulched path.

 From hills and tall trees to ponds and prairies, the varied landscape here makes for a stirring and serene place to hike. As the path is made from fresh mulch, it can get muddy in spots after some rainfall, so make sure to wear the appropriate footwear for such conditions.

Line Creek Trail

line creek trail map

Located in Frank Vaydik Park, Line Creek Trail is a clean, paved trail loved by families, joggers, cyclists, and hikers alike. The ample shade provided by the trees makes it an ideal place to run on a hot day.

Both pets and people will enjoy splashing around in the creek. With some memorable scenery, diverse wildlife, and different entrances and exits allowing you to climb some steep hills, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.



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