What Do You Do When Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Goes Out in Kansas City?

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Imagine how terrible life would be if your vehicle's air conditioning stopped working.

When it’s this hot, you need vehicle air conditioning repair and maintenance you can count on. Those in the Kansas City region can rely on Crossley Quicklane Tire & Auto Center near Liberty, MO.

We haven’t reached a hundred degrees in Kansas City since 2018, but this could be the week. Local temps have been hovering around triple digits for days and there’s no relief in sight.

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In these temps, the inside of a car or truck parked in the sun can reach 160-170 degrees within hours. That’s a long hot drive home after a hard day’s work, and an air conditioning unit that’s spewing out tiny little puffs of room temp air into your sedan isn’t going to keep you from schvitzing all the way home.

It’s too dang hot to be this dang hot!

You need AC that blows like a cold northern wind in winter. An arctic blast that chills your leather seats and makes that steering wheel feel more like an icicle than a branding iron. You need to come experience the Crossley Difference.

Why is my car’s air conditioner blowing warm air?

Air conditioning may be the height of human achievement, just ask any one who lives in Georgia. Civilization without air conditioning isn’t really civilized, and all of that human comfort doesn’t come easy. Your car or truck AC system is one of the most intricate, complex systems built into the vehicle. 

Automotive air conditioning poor performance could be the end result of multiple situations:

  • A Busted Compressor
  • A Faulty Condenser
  • A Refrigerant/Freon Leak
  • Electrical Issues

How much does it cost to fix a broken air conditioner in a car?

Automotive air conditioning repair can be expensive, very expensive, like a couple of grand expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The fix for your air could be as simple as clearing out a plastic bag or some other road debris that got caught under the hood blocking air flow through the system. A small rip in an old hose could be the issue and all you need is a replacement hose and a little juice and you’re back to the ice box.

Minor problems like that can be fixed quickly and affordably so there’s no reason to sweat, and if the problem turns out to be something more substantial, Gary Crossley Ford offers financing options that let you repair your car or truck’s AC system today and pay later… when it’s cooler!

Crossley Quick Lane Tire and Lube center

For the best automotive air conditioning repair in Kansas City, experience the Crossley Difference

Better yet, bring your vehicle to Gary Crossley Ford before problems arise. We offer a complete inspection of your air conditioning systems and a pressure check of your refrigerant. We’ll make sure your system is in tip-top shape, blowing ice cold air to keep you comfortable all summer, and fully maintained to help protect your wallet from the expenses of compressor repair or catastrophic system failure.

On the plus side, a properly maintained AC system puts less stress, wear, and tear on the engine and saves you money with improved fuel efficiency.

The only thing higher than the temperature these days is the price of gas!

Call Gary Crossley Ford today and save, or schedule an air conditioning service appointment online.



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