NHRA Champion Says Becoming a Ford Technician is the Right Career Choice

Nhra Ford Bob Tasca Drag Racing Driver
NHRA drag racing champion Bob Tasca III tells high schoolers how they can earn six-figure incomes as an Ford technician.

Bob Tasca III is a champion in the world’s fastest, most extreme sport NHRA funny car drag racing. When he’s not hanging on for dear life as his machine barrels down the track at 335+ miles per hour, he’s working in his family’s Ford dealerships and employing over 250 automotive technicians.

In fact, before he was the world’s fastest man, he began his working life as a tech in the service department of a car dealership. He can tell you firsthand what you can expect from a career turning wrenches.

Recently he spoke to over 30,000 high school seniors about the career benefits of becoming a Ford Technician.

How much money can you make as a mechanic or automotive technician at a Ford dealership?

Becoming an automotive tech is a great long-term decision for you and for your family down the road, but no one wants to wait until down the road to make a decent living. Becoming a certified mechanic offers a huge payoff much sooner rather than later.

 “Anyone can say you can make 100,000 a year, but you don’t want to wait 10 years. Well, I  can introduce you to techs in our company, five years out of high school, earning, or well on their way to earning, a six-figure income with little to no school debt. There aren’t many careers you can find that just five years after high school,” says Tasca

Automotive technicians can find a high paying job anywhere they want to live

It’s not enough that a career pays well, Bob tells the high schoolers. It has the be something you can rely on no matter where life takes you

Stuff happens. Marriage. Kids. Opportunities and responsibilities arise, and it’s a tremendous advantage to know that no matter where you might find yourself, you will have the ability to earn a good living.  

“The demand for technicians is so high that as a certified Ford technician, you can call any Ford dealer anywhere in the country. They’ll pay to move you and most likely give you a raise the first day on the job. That’s the level of demand in the marketplace,” he says

There are 300 million cars on the road in America and they’re all wearing out just a little… every single day.

Today’s high schoolers are graduating on the heels of two years of turmoil and hardship brought on by the worldwide pandemic. They are looking for a career that offers job stability and income security. They understand the need to provide for their families no matter what’s happening in the national economy.

“I’m sure everyone on here knows families that were severely impacted by people losing their jobs. I can tell you that in my family’s 70-year history, through several recessions, not one time, have we ever laid off a certified technician. In fact, when things get tough, our technicians make more money because people have to fix their vehicles versus buying new ones.

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Is becoming an automotive technician the right career choice for you?

If you’re looking for a career choice that offers a great income, right out of the gate. A career that you don’t need to take out a hundred grand in student loans just to get started. A job that stays in demand through recessions, depressions, and pandemics. A job that you can take with you where ever you go. If that’s what you’re looking for, Bob Tasca III has a challenge for you.

“Go to any Ford dealer anywhere in the country. Walk right in like you own the place. Ask for the service manager and say, ‘I’m interested in being a technician. I’d like to know how you’re going to put me in a position to win.’  I promise you you’ll get an interview,” he says

Experience the Crossley Difference

Whether you are a student beginning your career or you’re making a mid-career change, if you’re interested in exploring job opportunities in automotive repair and technology, Gary Crossley Ford can point you in the right direction for the education you need through programs we sponsor across Kansas City. And we have job openings even for those with no experience. 

But if you’re a certified technician in Kansas City looking for a great shop to park your toolbox in, Bob Tasca III is right. If you show up at our front door with the right skills and the right attitude, we’ll roll out the red carpet, make you part of the family, and write you a big, big check.



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