How Do You Get a Main Shop Line Tech Job at Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City?

Ford Asset Program
Gary Crossley Ford and Metropolitan Community College, in Kansas City, offer classroom instruction and paid work experience for future technicians.

If you’re looking for a career with great pay, great benefits, maximum job security, and no college degree required, Gary Crossley Ford would like to talk to you about the opportunities in automotive service and repair.

Step outside for a minute and take a look around. 

Pretty much anywhere in Kansas City what you’re going to see when you take a good close look are cars. Lots of cars. There are cars everywhere. Over a million of them in the metro area alone. Easy.

Now as you’re thinking about all of those cars you see and how many of them there are here in town, across Missouri, around the world, think about the one thing they all have in common: They’re all wearing out, just a little every day. The tread on the tires is wearing out. The oil is getting thinner and dirtier. Every little hose, gear, bolt, and whatchamacallit thingamajig is getting older, and sooner rather than later everyone one of them is going to be replaced by a qualified, trained, experienced technicians.

That, my friends, is job security.

Ford ASSET program

How much does a Ford certified technician make in Missouri?

Jobsite reports that technicians in Missouri earn salaries above the national average. On average technicians here earn right at $24 an hour. That’s a smidge over $50,000 a year including overtime pay and that’s the average technicians. Because of the extraordinary demand for automotive technicians and mechanics right now, those with experience and certification are commanding salaries upwards of $80 to $90 thousand a year. Pushing six figures. A lot of college graduates would gladly trade their parchment paper and crippling student loan debt for an opportunity like that.

But you don’t need all that.

How do I start a Ford technician job?

Gary Crossley Ford in Liberty, Missouri has teamed up with Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City at the Longview location in Lee’s Summit to support the Automotive Student Service Education Training program or ASSET

Offered at 21 community colleges around the United States, ASSET prepares students for careers as automotive service technicians at Ford and Lincoln dealerships.

“Ford ASSET was amazing for me. I had a lot of hands-on and the teachers were great,” says one former student.

The ASSET program offers reduced tuition on 24 months of hands-on training alternating between classroom settings and fully paid work co-op opportunities in the service department of participating Ford and Lincoln Dealers such as Gary Crossley Ford. Students will finish the program with an associate’s degree in Automotive Technology and a verifiable employment history within the industry making them job-ready from day one.

“It’s a big deal knowing that anything that comes in the dealership door, I can fix it,” says another satisfied student.

Ford ASSET program

 Come Experience the Crossley Difference

Prospective automotive technicians can apply for ASSET here

Gary Crossley Ford has immediate openings for Ford Certified Technicians, automotive technicians in our Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, and positions in our parts department, body shop, and Crossley Customs department. If you live, eat, and breathe cars, you’re our kind of people. Stop by and let’s chat.



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