Gary Crossley Ford Launches Mobile Service: Fixing Recalls and Providing Vehicle Maintenance in Kansas City

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Recalls can be serious issues, but many consumers put off having them resolved because it just isn’t convenient.

You get the card in the mail, right? There’s something about something on your new car or truck that’s been recalled, and you need to bring it into a dealership to have it looked at. So, of course, you stick the recall notice on the fridge and promptly forget about it. You’ve got things to do. The car is fine. You’ll get around to it when you get around to it.

Gary Crossley Ford is making it easier for Kansas City Ford owners to get around to it with their new mobile service.

Jonathan Nieves, Lead Technician Gary Crossley Ford Mobile Service
Jonathan Nieves, Lead Technician Gary Crossley Ford Mobile Service

Lead Technician Jonathan Nieves heads the program which is now taking the dealership’s mobile service truck out into the Kansas City community to make access to recall repair more convenient.

Gary Crossley Ford is focusing on fleet owners and large employers to reach as many consumers affected by recalls as quickly as possible, but as the program grows more services, more trucks, and more locations could be added.

Driving a mobile service truck around the midwest is quite a change for the Bronx-born-and-raised Jonathan Nieves. Kansas City doesn’t look like New York and there are a lot fewer people, but he believes there’s a lot more opportunity.

“I feel like it’s the true American opportunity,” he says. “You come here and even though there aren’t as many people, there are endless opportunities when it comes to earning money and making a good living. The dealership alone is it’s amazing. They’ve been nothing but good to me. I’m very grateful for that.”

Jonathan joined the dealership as a lot porter just three years ago, after years in the foodservice industry, and has thrived in the supportive Gary Crossley community

“I come to work every day and it doesn’t feel like I work,”

Jonathan Nieves, Lead Technician Gary Crossley Ford Mobile Service

When he’s not traveling the roads of Kansas City, repairing recalls and righting wrongs on behalf of Gary Crossley Ford, Jonathan and his girlfriend can maybe be found taking in a Chiefs game, watching the local MMA fight nights, or just chilling at home with video games and their dogs, Diego and Ryder.

For more information on #MyKCFord’s Mobile Service call 816-429-8866 or email


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