10 Things to Do to Get Your Kid’s Vehicle Back to School Ready

Back To School
Maintenance tips you need to know for sending your kids back to school safely in a vehicle they can depend on to get them there and back.

Whether you have a teenager heading back to high school or off to college, if they’re behind the wheel, you’re going to be nervous. And you should be.

Teenagers have tiny little underdeveloped brains. Technically, their prefrontal cortex is still developing, and they have to rely on their amygdala (the lizard brain!) to make decisions. Which means they tend to be emotional, impulsive, and aggressive. But you knew that, didn’t ya?

Putting them in charge of a 100-mile-an-hour, 2-ton projectile is a leap of faith.

We can’t do much to help you regulate your teenager’s emotions and impulses, but we can help ensure that your little bundle of misguided energy heads to campus in a vehicle that’s reliable and safe. That’s what we do!  

young adult driving

How do I get my kid’s car ready to go back to school?

Trust me when I tell you you don’t want to get the midnight call from your daughter trying to tell you between sobs that her car is broken down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere halfway to Columbia especially when she’s going to school in Springfield.

But the back-to-school expenses are starting to pile up fast: new clothes, school supplies, tuition, fees, fees, and more fees. The last thing you need is another big expense right now.

Experience the Crossley Difference

At Gary Crossley Ford, we feel your pain. That’s why we’ll give your kid’s back-to-school ride a good look over for absolutely no dollars as in free. Pro bono. Gratis.

Regular maintenance can help keep your prodigy safe and protect you from another unexpected expense. Just bring your vehicle into the Crossly Quicklane for a regular oil change. You were going to get the oil changed before school starts, right? Any vehicle counts, we don’t just work on Fords. 

This month you can get  “The Works” at Crossley Quicklane for as little as $59.95. Sure, we’ll change the oil with our synthetic blend oil and we’ll replace the oil filter, but we’ll also include our FREE multi-point inspection:

  • Alignment check
  • Brake inspection 
  • Fluid top-off
  • Filter check
  • Tread inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Pressure check
  • Battery test
  • Belts & hoses inspection
  • Full vehicle checkup

We’ll look everything over, we’ll give you the Gary Crossley Ford seal of approval, and you’ll be able to send the kiddos off to school in a vehicle that you trust.

And if it turns out that we find something that needs to be fixed before school starts, we have finance options that let you fix the problem now and pay the bill later… when tuition isn’t due.


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