What The Heck Is A Tonneau Cover and Why Does My Truck Need One?

Tonneau Cover
Crossley Customs at Gary Crossley Ford sells and installs truck bed covers to protect your cargo and your pocketbook

It may sound like something you eat on a trip to Paris with a toasted croissant, a few buttered snails, and a selection of soft cheeses, but a tonneau cover is one of the most popular accessories for truck owners in Kansas City. 

Crossley Customs is in the business of helping customers personalize their vehicles and make them uniquely their own. Tonneau covers, perhaps better known as truck bed covers, are some of our best-selling items. Everybody wants some!

Tonneau Cover on a ford truck

Do I really need a truck bed cover?

Tonneau covers exist to protect whatever you keep in the bed of your truck. Whether you drive around with tools, coolers, sports equipment, groceries, or your personal collection of fast food packaging and empty soda bottles, a truck bed cover protects it from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Nobody needs to know what’s in your truck, and they definitely don’t need to be able to just reach in and grab it.

Truck bed covers also offer protection from the elements. They help keep the sun’s UV rays from fading out the stuff you carry around every day and they help keep your groceries dry when Kansas City weather changes on a dime and mostly sunny turns into a summer thunderstorm on your way home from Cosentino’s.

Will my truck get better fuel mileage with a bed cover?

It stands to reason that a truck bed cover would make your vehicle more aerodynamic, reduce drag, and boost fuel efficiency. The answer depends on who you ask.

TV’s Mythbusters took on the subject and concluded that tonneau covers offered very little if any at all in fuel savings, but they only measured one truck with one cover.

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) conducted a more comprehensive study using 4 different full-size trucks and 13 different bed covers. They found that a truck bed cover significantly reduced drag and offered about a 2% bump in fuel efficiency or roughly a half a mile per gallon. That’s not going to change your life, but with today’s gas prices it’s nothing to sneeze at either.

Tonneau Cover

Are truck bed covers worth the cost?

Depending on what you keep in your truck bed, deterring one thief can make buying a truck bed cover the easiest decision ever. Saving 2% on fuel means your tonneau cover can pay for itself over the course of a few, ummm, let’s call it a handful, of years, sooner if gas prices keep rising.

But the real question you need to be asking is “How good does this truck bed cover make my truck look?”

Come experience the Crossley Difference.

Whether your want to protect your belongings, save a little money on gas, or just beautify your baby, Crossley Customs can help with the perfect tonneau cover for you and your situation. We sell and install truck bed covers from trusted brands like Weathertech and TruXedo in hardcover and softcover, roll-ups, retractable and tri-fold varieties.

Stop in and see us today at 8050 N Church Rd in Liberty, Missouri and we’ll help you pick the best bed cover for your truck lickety-split.


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