This 1956 Ford COE is One Slick Custom

1956 Ford Coe
This amazing 1956 Ford COE very green cruiser with all the amenities one could want from a modern truck, all in a vintage package.

Originally created for heavy-duty work purposes, the Ford cab-over-engine (COE) has since become a popular canvas for some pretty darn cool hot rods. This amazing 1956 Ford COE, which has been transformed into an ultra-cool, very green cruiser with all the amenities one could want from a modern truck, all in a vintage package.

1956 Ford COE

Green With Envy

The green paint on this giant rig is immaculate, for starters, and we’re digging the dark green hue itself, which accents the truck’s curvy lines. The COE’s chrome wheels provide a nice bit of contrast, along with the grille and little things like the side mirrors and door handles.

1956 Ford COE interior

Modern Amenities

Inside the cabin, you’ll find another bit of contrast in the form of a brown and tan two-tone theme on the seats and door panels. There are plenty of modern amenities present here as well, including air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, and a newer stereo system.

1956 Ford COE engine

Reliable Power

This particular pickup rides on a frame lifted from a 1992 Dodge 2500 pickup, so it’s also powered by a Cummins 12-valve 6BT diesel, a legendary engine that’s known for producing reliable power for a very long time. 

1956 Ford COE rear

Total Package

COEs can be built into just about any sort of truck one can imagine, but this one features a giant 12-foot flatbed with a gooseneck hitch perfect for pulling big trailers. It also rides on airbags, so it’s sure to provide a comfy ride while doing so as well. Put it all together, and you’ve got one of the nicer COEs we’ve seen in some time, and certainly something anyone would be proud to own and drive.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Photos: Ford Daily


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