The Duke’s Ride: John Wayne’s Ford Truck Recreated

john wayne

John Wayne stands as one of the most renowned and recognizable actors in the annals of history. With a remarkable presence on the silver screen spanning three decades and appearing in nearly 180 films, he captivated audiences and enjoyed immense box office success. Although “The Duke” passed away in 1979, his enduring popularity remains evident, as his name rings familiar with people from all walks of life. Yet, beyond his cinematic achievements, some may be unaware that Wayne possessed a deep affection for Ford trucks, aligning himself as a devoted fan of Ford and owning multiple haulers over the years. Among his collection was the notable 1968 Ford F-250, which is now the focus of a charitable endeavor, meticulously replicated for a noble cause. 

john wayne

Robby Layton, upon receiving a request for assistance from Sparks Motors—the workshop responsible for the television series “Diesel Brothers“—found himself in a unique position to contribute to this meaningful project. Collaborating with Ethan Wayne, John Wayne’s son, and the rest of the team, they sought to create something special that would raise funds for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. What better way to achieve this than by meticulously recreating The Duke’s cherished 1968 Ford F-250 and offering someone the extraordinary opportunity to own it? 

Before commencing the project, Layton embarked on a journey to Sparks Motors, where he carefully examined the original F-250. He meticulously captured numerous photographs, ensuring he had a comprehensive visual reference to guide his replication efforts. Naturally, Ethan Wayne hesitated to part with this invaluable piece of history—after all, his father had spent countless moments seated behind the wheel. However, it is conceivable that numerous enthusiasts would joyfully embrace the chance to acquire a nearly identical truck, fully understanding and appreciating its historical significance. 

As for the original pickup, following John Wayne’s passing, it transitioned through various family members until Ethan acquired it from his brother approximately three decades ago. Since then, he has lovingly preserved its essence, subjecting it to two refreshes, with a more extensive restoration taking place roughly ten years ago. Far from relegating it to a mere display, Ethan actively drives and utilizes the truck, much like his father did. His profound dedication to this particular undertaking is evident, and it is safe to assume that once this endeavor reaches completion, numerous John Wayne aficionados will eagerly vie for the opportunity to possess a vehicle akin to the one cherished by The Duke. 



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