Ford Trucks: Dominating’s 2023 Rankings

Top Ford Trucks of 2023

Welcome to the latest buzz in the pickup truck universe! Ford’s F-Series trucks are not only a staple on American roads, but they’ve also clinched top spots in’s Top Pickup Truck Picks for 2023. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this unyielding success. 

2024 Ford Maverick: The Affordable Champion

Starting with the 2024 Ford Maverick, this little giant has emerged victorious in the budget-friendly category. Despite its price bump and the hybrid powertrain becoming an additional cost, the Maverick maintains its position as an unbeatable value proposition in a market starved for bargains. highlights the Maverick’s attractive starting price of $24,995, including destination charges. While the hybrid powertrain now tacks on an extra $1,500, it’s worth noting that on the top-tier Lariat trim, this option comes without added cost. What’s remarkable about the Maverick is its ability to remain vivacious and appealing, even in the less expensive trims—a true win for those looking to save a penny without sacrificing quality. 

Ford Super Duty

2023 Ford Super Duty F-250/350: The Towing Titan

Moving on to the heavyweights, the Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 have grabbed the crown in the towing and heavy-duty pickup categories. The 2023 redesign has injected new life into these models, offering fresh powertrains that keep them fiercely competitive. 

Over 90% of heavy-duty pickup truck owners use their vehicles for towing, and Ford’s Super Duty trucks have set a new standard. praises the innovative trailering technology that not only edges out the competition but also simplifies towing for novices. Dubbed by some as the “marriage-saving” truck, the Super Duty models prove that power and technology can coexist, leading to an easier and more intuitive towing experience. 

Ford Raptor

2023 Ford F-150 Raptor: The Off-Road Beast

Last but certainly not least, the Ford F-150 Raptor, a fan-favorite for over ten years, continues its reign in the off-road segment. Even with a refresh on the horizon for 2024, the 2023 Raptor has enough prowess to secure the top position once again. celebrates over a decade of Ford bringing the thrill of Baja trucks to the everyday driver with the Raptor. Exceptionally comfortable on rugged terrain and equipped to handle both high-speed desert drives and intricate rock crawling, the Raptor stands as a testament to versatility. And it’s not just about off-road excellence; the Raptor is equally enjoyable on the asphalt, proving its worth as a well-rounded pickup that’s as fun as it is functional. 

The Ford F-Series continues to set the bar high for what consumers can expect from their trucks. Whether it’s affordability, towing capacity, or off-road capability, Ford’s lineup has proven that it can meet diverse needs and preferences, which is clearly reflected in’s top picks for 2023.



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