Modified Ford F-450 Ditches Dually Rear Wheels for Better Off-Road Capability

Ford F 550 Cropped
Texas resident Justin Wehring’s daily driver is a 2019 F-450, which he has disguised as an F-550 with 20-inch super single wheels.

Elaborate or subtle, we love modifications here at Crossley Customs. In one of its recent videos, Andre Smirnov from The Fast Lane Truck meets Texas resident Justin Wehring who offers an in-depth look at his modified Ford F-450. The truck started life as a 2019 F-450, which came with 19.5-inch dually rear wheels from the factory. Justin opted for the pickup bed version of the F-450 because it does not come with the detuned engine, which powers the chassis cab variants.

Off-road driving with a dually setup can be pretty challenging as the wide rear track can pack up with rocks and mud. Justin wanted to enhance the off-road capability of his truck and swapped the dually tires with a bespoke 10-lug super single wheel. Justin offered his insights into the features and design of the new rim of his modified F-450 and explained why he felt the need to design a new wheel.

“So, one of these tires can replace the dual 19.5 that came from the factory. So, you give up no load capacity by going with this tire,” explains Justin. He further adds, “So, when you see this tire on you know Skeeter Brush Trucks or EarthRoamer overlanders, they really didn’t set out to find the biggest tire they could fit on the truck. They were focusing on the needed load capacity”.

f-550 Cropped

The new wheels are wrapped in 41-inch off-road MPT 81 Continental tires, making them perfect for carrying heavy loads.

Under the hood of Justin’s truck, we find a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel motor. The V8 would produce 450 HP of maximum power and 935 lb-ft of peak torque in its factory tune. The powerplant hooks up to a 6-speed Torqshift automatic transmission.

The front-end of this truck rides on a wide track Dana axle and a Fabtech spring lift, whereas the rear gets a Kelderman 6-inch airlift. This level of off-road capability and load-carrying capacity doesn’t strictly come cheap. Prices for Justin’s forged aluminum wheels start at $1500 per piece.

“We’re not the cheapest option, but we’re certainly the most thought out option. I never have any mud to smear or bad things to say about anyone else’s product. I prefer to push ours on merit,” said Justin. He further elaborates, “I wanted forged, I wanted made in the USA, and those two features doubled my price point, but I didn’t want to build a compromise wheel; I wanted the best design,” explains Justin.

Image Source: The Fast Lane Truck
Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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