Rust-Free Ranger SuperCab Stretches to Yesteryear

1977 Ranger Supercab
All indications point to this Ford truck having enjoyed a life of leisure.

Sporting a new coat of paint and fresh rubber, this California-based 1977 Ranger SuperCab was recently sold at auction with the assurance of “zero rust issues.” Once the norm, full-size boxes are something of an anomaly these days, but this classy ‘Styleside’ Ford easily stretches back to yesteryear with its eight-foot bed and roomy six-seater SuperCab.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Vacation Leisure

According to the previous owner, the 1977 Ranger had only ever been in California or Arizona. Seemingly spared the wear and tear of a work truck, the SuperCab must have been a vacation camper hauler or trailer tug. With a recently refreshed automatic transmission and 89,470 miles on the odometer, all indications point to this truck having enjoyed a life of leisure.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Promoted Consumer

When it came to 1977 pickup trucks, Ford marketing stated that buyers faced “twenty-six tough choices.” Out of that raft of over two-dozen F-150 options, the Ranger SuperCab was billed as a ‘Family-Size’ truck, offering luxurious comfort and quiet operation. Appealing to the budget-minded consumer, it was promoted as “a distinctive pickup that’s also practical and reasonable.”

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Optional Highlights

The California Ranger is finished in a ‘Deluxe’ paint scheme, consisting of Light Blue as the base, topped with Bahama Blue as the ‘dent side’ panel highlight. Ford listed the different paint options as Regular Tu-Tone, Deluxe, and Combination. The latter included two-tone highlights on the roof, upper back panel, and sides. An optional paint matching box cover was also available.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Peak Legacy

The Ranger SuperCab rolled out in a banner year for Ford, as the F-Series became the bestselling American truck in 1977. The watershed year was also host to historical events that left a lasting legacy. Disco music was at its peak, the first Apple computers went on sale, Star Wars opened in movie theaters and the Concord took its maiden flight.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Lima Summer

On the more serious side of history, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42, and New York City was plunged into a twenty-five-hour blackout in July 1977. Powering through all the year’s ups and downs was the SuperCab’s 460ci V8, the largest of all the 385 series ‘Lima’ engines produced in Ford’s Lima, Ohio plant.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Interior Courtesy

Part of the sixth generation of F-Series trucks, the SuperCab was available in three trim levels, starting with Custom, progressing to Ranger, and lastly the XLT—the finest of all options. The Ranger package included ‘bright’ moldings around the windshield, windows, and drip rails. On the interior, the Ranger SuperCab received nylon carpeting, additional cab insulation, fabric-covered seats, and two courtesy lights.

1977 Ranger SuperCab

Reverse Time

The two-tone blue SuperCab fetched $10,300 when the bidding settled—more than double its original 1977 MSRP. The truck was delivered with a new battery and a fresh oil change. The only issue listed was that the gear selector does not always show that it has been shifted into reverse. Time, on the other hand, seems to have gone backward for this old SuperCab.

Photos courtesy of Auto Hunter

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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