Forget About Apples: What Your Teacher Really Needs Is A New Ford Maverick

Teacher helping a student

October 5 is World Teachers Day, and if nothing has changed since sophomore geography class, Liberty, Missouri is right smack dab in the middle of the world so hug a teacher today, bring them an apple to class, or maybe if there’s one you really, really appreciate swing buy Gary Crossley Ford and buy them a new ride.

World Teachers Day wraps up a month-long celebration of teachers around the globe. Teachers have a tough job. We all know that, and they don’t get anywhere near the love, support, appreciation, or financial rewards they deserve for doing it.

Happy Teachers Day

That’s why the Ford Maverick is the perfect “car” for teachers

In the immortal words of rapper Shock G aka Humpty Hump, teachers are all experts at trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. They have to be. It’s not just that the pay isn’t spectacular. It’s not. It’s not just that the workload is overwhelming. It is.

The big deal is that teachers have to go into their own pockets every month for supplies, books, decorations, and activities for their classrooms.

Getting much, much more out of much, much less is the job description.

Every dollar they spend, every scrap of paper they buy, every stunning blackboard montage they create has to be reused, repurposed, and recycled to make sure your little bundles of joy are one day able to do fractions, get a decent job, and move out of your house.

The Ford Maverick does much, much more for much, much less.

With an MSRP of around $20 grand, the Maverick is one of the most affordable new cars for sale in Kansas City even though it’s a truck. The Maverick lets teachers choose a new vehicle, with a new car warranty, new car safety tech, and that new car smell, and they only have to spend used car money. More for less. Teachers like that.

And because the Maverick is a real live truck, teachers have the cargo room to move their bookcases, boxes full of papers they take home every night to grade, and the 200 potting of potting soil and paper cups they need to teach 7 science classes where bean sprouts come from. 

Spoiler alerts: it’s beans.

Teachers spend less when they buy their new Maverick, and they spend less every week when they fill up with gas. If they do their homework, teachers can get up to 50 miles per gallon from their hybrid maverick. That help leaves enough money at the end of the month for more stickers and dry-erase markers.

Does Gary Crossley Ford offer a discount for teachers?

Many public school systems and teacher associations around the country have partnered with Ford Motor Company to allow their teachers to buy new Ford vehicles including the Maverick at special discount pricing. This is the same employee pricing program that assembly line workers and other Ford corporate employees save big money with every time they buy a new Ford.

Reach out to Gary Crossley Ford, and we’ll see if your system has joined the program.

Gary Crossley Ford supports teachers, students, and schools 12 months a year

We’ll make sure you get a great deal on a great car no matter what you buy, and our support for educators doesn’t stop there. 

So far this year we’ve donated books for Kansas City pre-school literacy programs, kicked in time, money, and manpower for vocational training around the city, and given college scholarships to local student-athletes.

That’s the Crossley Difference.

We don’t want to sell you one car, one time. We want to be your transportation source for a long time to come, and we’ve figured out the best way to make sure you keep showing up in our lives is for us to keep showing up in yours.



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