Why The Ford Maverick Truck May Be The Best First “Car” for Today’s High School Students

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By Camey Crossley

About a month ago, Gary Crossley Ford introduced the all-new Ford Maverick compact pickup, the first true small truck Ford has manufactured since most of today’s high school students were learning to walk. Driving was a distant dream.

Those toddlers are teenagers now, and Ford may have stumbled upon the perfect first vehicle for them. Since its introduction in October, the new Maverick has proven itself remarkably popular with younger buyers.

Here’s my take on why many students and their families are buying a new truck instead of a used car!

2022 Ford Maverick

The Price Is Right

Not only is the new Maverick the least expensive new vehicle Gary Crossley Ford sells, adjusted for inflation it may be the most affordable vehicle Ford has ever sold – less than the original Ford Model T from over a century ago, and the Model T most definitely did not have Apple Play!

With an MSRP starting under $20 grand, the brand spanking new Ford Maverick costs less than the average used car these days which is now bumping up against $30,000.

Parents looking down the barrel of four years of college tuition are asking “why buy used when I can buy new for less?”

That Mileage, Though

Not only is the Maverick less expensive than most used cars, it gets better gas mileage too.

Newer vehicles are more fuel-efficient than their aging cousins, and the new Maverick offers some nifty technology and a hybrid engine that can lift its fuel economy as high as 42 miles per gallon. If you’re looking for a used car to match that, well, good luck.

And with the price of gas around Liberty and Kearney these days, those fuel savings can add up fast.


Safety First

Parents nervous about their teens taking their newly minted license out for a spin are choosing to put their kids behind the wheel of a new Maverick because it’s much, much safer than a typical used car.

Technology has come a long, long way since the last century when many of today’s parents were learning to drive. The Ford Maverick puts that technology to good use making it the safest first car ever.

√ automatic high beams √ pre-collision emergency braking

√ automatic brake hold √ blind-spot monitoring

√ lane-keeping assist √ adaptive cruise control

√ Lane-centering assist √ Reverse-sensing system

√ cross-traffic alert

Not to mention that a new Ford Maverick comes with a new Ford warranty which means Mom can worry less about her baby getting stranded in a used car that just won’t go.

Hack Your Maverick

Probably the one thing that all teenagers have in common is the desire to stand out, to express their true unique selves, to spread their wings and fly.

Ford has made it ridiculously easy to customize the new Ford Maverick and make it more YOU. They engineered their new small truck to accommodate personalization and they’ve even produced a series of videos showing how you can hack your Maverick without voiding that all-important factory warranty

Experience The Crossley Difference

Gary Crossley Ford is a proud supporter of academic and athletic programs at schools across the Kansas City area. Your community is our community, and the safety of students is just as important to my family, as it is to you.



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