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The new Ford Maverick is the lowest-priced, most fuel-efficient pickup truck in America because it’s not the size of a small house.

Back in the day (that’s how we old people like to start conversations).

Back in the day, we had to walk to school, every day, in the snow, up hills, both ways.

Until high school that is.

Once we got to high school, back in the day, we did something you haven’t been able to do in America for at least a decade:

Buy a small truck.

Squeezed in there between the muscle car boomers, and the millennial import tuners, there is an entire generation of former American teens who grew up dreaming and driving small trucks with even smaller wheels. Pretty big speakers though.

About ten years ago, all of the automotive manufacturers got completely out of the small truck business and jumped into the oh-my-goodness-that-thing-is-huge truck business because it turns out America really likes big trucks.

About 5 years ago they decided to bring back the compact trucks from back in the day, pump them up on steroids, make them on average 3 feet longer than they used to be, and market them to the bigger-is-better truck market as mid-sized trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, the Chevy Colorado and Ford’s Ranger.

That still left a big hole where all those little trucks used to be.

This year Ford is re-introducing the compact truck with the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick.

And while all the nostalgic 90’s kids may think the new Ford Maverick is pretty fly, they’re not the target market. 

The 2022 Ford Maverick is aimed squarely at today’s active young adults looking for affordability and environmental friendliness. The fact that the Maverick is a truck that can actually haul stuff and tow stuff, well, that’s just gravy.

They must be on to something because Ford has received orders for over 100,000 new Mavericks already for a lot of those customers, the Maverick will be the first truck they ever own.

Is the Ford Maverick really a truck?

The compact Maverick clocks in about a foot shorter than today’s current crop of mid-size trucks, but it’s every bit the truck they are. Just a different kind of truck for a different kind of customer.

Ford spoke to thousands of young active consumers to find out how they use their current vehicle and how they could get the most use out of a compact truck like the Maverick. And it all comes down to the bed.

The standard for truck beds used to be eight feet long so you could get a full-sized sheet of plywood to lay flat in the back, but when’s the last time you needed to haul full-sized sheets of plywood?

The Maverick’s four-and-a-half-foot-long Flex bed was designed for real customers. Designed so regular-sized people can load and unload the groceries, or the mulch, or their bicycles without even lowering the tailgate. You can just reach over the side. No step ladder required. 

And when you do lower the tailgate, you can lock it in at multiple positions effectively serving as a built-in bed extender.

How much will the Ford Maverick truck cost?

With a starting MSRP under $20,000, the 2022 Ford Maverick is not only the lowest-priced pickup truck in America, it’s the least expensive vehicle in the Ford lineup.

Back in the day, getting an economical vehicle meant a tiny box on wheels with zero personality and even less get up and go.

Today’s consumers wanted more.

Is the 2022 Ford Maverick Electric?

Some of you may be old enough to remember, back in the day, Ford sold another Maverick, Ford’s 1970 compact car introduced to battle the new imports from Japan. And if you’re old enough to remember that, you might be wondering why Ford decided to name a new compact truck after a 1970’s car. Turns out they didn’t. And they didn’t name it after Tom Cruise’s Top Gun character either.

After tons of market research, they named the Maverick after the people they’re trying to sell it to. The young, active consumers they profiled saw themselves as mavericks going against the establishment. Against the trends.

They are active and outdoorsy, but they’re more likely to live in the city than on a farm. Thye didn’t want to spend big money on a truck or SUV but they still wanted to be safe, and comfortable, and able to carry all their stuff without shoving into a tiny clown car.

And they cared about the environment. They were more interested in fuel efficiency than the big truck and SUV, partly to save the planet, and partly to save money at the pump.

The new Maverick delivers an utterly mind-boggling 40 miles per gallon, by breaking another automotive barrier:

The 2022 Ford Maverick is the first electric hybrid truck to be sold in the USA.

Just to recap:

The Maverick is the lowest-priced truck in the USA.

The Maverick is the most fuel-efficient truck in the USA.

The Maverick is the first electric hybrid truck ever to be sold in the USA.If you’d like more information on the new 2022 Ford Maverick, if you want to take a test drive, or if you’re ready to own this groundbreaking vehicle, reach out to Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City.



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