Owners of Ford F-150 Pick-Ups Have Experience “Friends with Truck Benefits”

Ford F 150 Jumping
When you drive a Ford F150, friends always seem to find you. Everybody is looking for a friend with truck benefits.

Owning a Ford F-150 truck is a little bit like winning the lottery.

The minute everybody finds out that you won the lottery and the minute everybody finds out that you own a Ford truck you’re going to have friends coming out of the woodwork. People you went to school with. Cousins you haven’t seen grandma moved to Florida. People you worked with three jobs ago.

When you get an Ford F-150 everybody is your new best friend, and everybody needs a favor.

You know you’re going to start getting asked more to help people move, right. That’s just a given.

Somebody needs to pick up their new furniture. Somebody else needs to haul a refrigerator to the dump. Deliver firewood. Probably cut firewood. Bury a body.

Whatever the problem, yo, you’ll solve it because from now on you’re their first call in case of a trucking emergency.

Of course, there’s an upside to driving an F-150 just like winning the lottery.

Now you’re in a position to help, and helping people feels pretty good. You and your Ford truck can make a difference in the lives of your friends and family. That’s a big deal.

Ford F-150 truck helping someone move

Sometimes, the favors your friends need a little help with might have little something in them for you too. 

A big tent, some chairs, a grill, and all the coolers will fit rather nicely in the back of your F-150 when your friends have an extra ticket to the Chiefs’ game at Arrowhead, but no truck to haul the gear. 

Are there any sweeter words than “can you help me pull my boat down to the lake on Saturday I heard the fish are biting hard right now”?

Ford F-150 truck

People are going to assume things about you just because you drive a Ford F-150.

They’re going to assume that you’re the kind of person that can fix things. The kind of person that gets stuff done. And people like that.

In fact, there’s an article on Forbes with research that shows that women are most attracted to men who drive trucks more so than sports cars and much more so than minivans.

“A full-size truck implies that you can fix a leaky pipe, and regular $100 fill-ups suggest that you’re not money-obsessive,” the researcher explains “(The) $100 fill-ups also suggest that you regularly have $100.”

Maybe you haven’t won the lottery, but you drive a Ford F150, and maybe that’s the next best thing.


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