Insane Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle Is Coming to America

Arctic Trucks Ford F 150 Pola
The Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle is the ultimate snow rig, and it’s coming to the U.S. by the end of the year.

A couple of years ago, Arctic Trucks made waves with its Ford F-150 AT44, a pickup that has been treated to a slew of suspension upgrades and massive 44-inch tires that enable it to cruise through, well, the arctic. That truck’s cartoonishly large tires and fender flares left quite the impression on a lot of folks, especially after Arctic Trucks helped out with the filming of the Top Gear: Polar Special. Unfortunately, these beefy rigs were only built and sold in Iceland back then. Now, however, the company has announced that the Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle is coming to America.

Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle

The Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle for the states will be built at an assembly location that’s currently under construction in New Hampshire, which should be operating by the end of the year. Two prototypes are being built as we speak, which will be tested in the most extreme way possible – by driving across Canada, from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay, and over the sea ice to Resolute. After that, the trucks will attempt to cross the icy Baffin Bay to get to Greenland, which is pretty insane.

Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle

As one might have guessed by now, the F-150 Polar Vehicle features some pretty wild upgrades to make it capable of embarking on such epic journies. That includes “suspension upgrades to maintain excellent drivability while accommodating specialized upgrades for Arctic and mountain exploration,” according to the company, along with 44-inch Nokian tires that weigh a whopping 150 pounds each.

From there, customers have pretty-much unlimited options in terms of what kind of F-150 they want to fortify for arctic duty, including trim, bed size, and cab configuration. Anyone from an individual to a fleet or government entity can specify what they want to add in a number of areas, including body, suspension, wheels, lighting, and electronics upgrades.

Arctic Trucks Ford F-150 Polar Vehicle

For anyone that wants the ultimate snow expedition vessel, the F-150 Polar Vehicle seems like the way to go, even though we imagine that some folks will just want to buy one because it looks cool. And who are we to argue with that?

Photos: Arctic Trucks

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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