Five Famous People And Their Bad Ass Ford Trucks

Shaq and his Ford Truck

Ford trucks are the best-selling vehicles in America. So it’s no surprise that many celebrities choose to roam around in these amazing machines.

The Rock and His Murdered Out F-150

The Rock

‘The People’s Champ’ is arguably the most famous Hollywood star in recent years, with combined box office earnings of over $5 billion over the course of his film career. To his fans, Dwayne Johnson is also known for sporting cool murdered-out Ford trucks. He’s had several over the years, each one more awesome than the next.

Tim Allen's Rodded 1956 F-100

1956 F-100 truck Tim Allen

Aside from being a world-famous actor and standup comedian, Tim Allen is also well-known for his love of cars. The owner of a fabulous collection, containing a nice mix of classics, Allen couldn’t stay away from a nicely rodded 1956 Ford F-100.

Willie Robertson's F-150

Willie Roberston Ford f-150

The head man on the popular TV series Duck Dynasty, Willie Roberston has owned his share of badass trucks. This particular custom F-150 looks as rugged as he does, ready to take on all terrains. It’s a vehicular personification of Robertson’s character.

Lady Gaga Driving a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Lady Gaga in a Ford Lightning truck

Renowned pop star Lady Gaga isn’t exactly famous for her passion for automobiles. But the fact that she’s been spotted roaming around in a first-gen F-150 SVT Lightning earns her some cred. The sport truck has become extremely popular among enthusiasts over the years, and for good reason. We can add Lady Gaga to the long list of fans of the Lightning.

Shaq's Ford F-650 Extreme

Shaq's Ford F-650 Extreme

The most famous big man in the history of the NBA cannot be seen cruising around in little supercars. Well, mostly because he wouldn’t fit in any of them. The F-650 Extreme, however, is a truck befitting Shaquille O’Neal’s stature, in terms of both power and presence. 



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