Ford Adds Advanced Overland Technology to the 2022 Explorer Timberline

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Ford Explorer Timberline is the seventh off-road-ready vehicle Ford has introduced in the last couple of years.

From the Bronco and Bronco Sport to the new F150 Raptor to the triad of Tremor trucks, F150, Ranger, Super Duty, and now the new Explorer Timberline, Ford is pushing all the chips in with its big bet on the off-road market. 

The new Timberline-badged Explorer offers numerous upgrades appealing to modern outdoor enthusiasts who are more likely to take their truck slightly off the beaten path for a weekend overland camping trip than they are to drive it into a deep and muddy hole just to see what happens.

  • Expanded ground clearance
  • All-terrain tires
  • Underbody protective skidplate
  • Heavy-duty shocks from Explorer Police Interceptor model
  • 7-mode Terrain Management System

The advanced 4×4 Terrain Management System was also implemented on the Badlands Bronco edition with 5 G.O.A.T (Goes Over All Terrains) modes plus Mud Rut and Rock Crawl. The Explorer Timberline wants you to have the option to play even if you never try it out.

2022 Ford Explorer Timberline
2022 Ford Explorer Timberline

The Ford Explorer Timberline’s offroad competition seems to be getting nervous.

With Ford’s recent commitment to vehicles for the outdoors, off-road, and overland market, it seems Jeep, which has mostly had these niches to itself for a while, is starting to notice. Jim Morrison, president of Jeep North America recently snarked that he felt sorry for Ford customers who were tricked into buying the new models implying they could talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

“I guess it’s been a long year for Jeep watching Bronco and Bronco Sport rack up hundreds of thousands of sales and reservations — and comparison test wins versus Jeep,” Ford spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz told the Detroit Free Press

“Now comes the rugged and capable Timberline editions of Explorer and Expedition with trail-tested off-road hardware, increased maneuverability, ground clearance, trail modes, and accessories,” he adds.

“And we both know Explorer is America’s all-time bestselling SUV.”

The Explorer helped shepherd in the modern SUV era and now it’s helping to take the SUV off the road and back to its roots. 

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