Ford’s Big Boy SUV: The 2022 Expedition is on its Way to Kansas City

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The Ford Expedition has been selling like crazy this year even in a down market.

2021 has been a wild one for car sales in Kansas City and across the US. Car shoppers are literally lining up to buy new vehicles faster than Ford and other manufacturers can roll them off the assembly line and ship them to dealers.

The Expedition don’t care.

It’s racking up impressive sales growth anyway. America loves a big ol’ SUV!

Of all the cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that have been in the Ford lineup, the Expedition has recorded the fastest-growing year-over-year numbers

2022 Ford Expedition
2022 Ford Expedition

Ford looks to capitalize on Expedition’s success with a refreshed look and multiple offroad and performance editions 

For 2022, all new Expeditions are leaving the factory with improved safety features, a bigger integrated screen on a redesigned dashboard, and new styling on the front and back of the big SUVs.

The big changes, though, are in the new special editions of the Expedition.

Ford is bringing its largest SUV into its big tent for off-road and overland models with the new 2022 Ford Expedition Timberland edition.

Much like the new Ford Explorer Timberland, the new down and dirty Expedition will arrive at Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City only initial in the new Forged Green Metallic color harkening back to the Eddie Bauer days of luxury sportsman SUV’s

The new 2022 Ford Explorer Timberland will feature

  • More horsepower
  • All-terrain tires
  • Lifted ground clearance
  • Underbody protective skidplates
  • Trail Turn Assist developed for the Bronco

A couple of weeks ago, Ford put the icing on the cake at the Overland Expo debuting the Off-Grid Concept vehicle which takes the Timberline just beyond with a rooftop tent, interior inflatable mattress, and a pull-behind trailer with kitchen capabilities and a bathroom tent, everything the overlanding enthusiast might need to get deep in the woods to their favorite mountain bike trail.

Interior of a 2022 Ford Expedition
Interior of the 2022 Ford Expedition

The 2022 Ford Expedition Stealth Performance Package is for the streets

Not everyone wants to take their big new SUV over hills and hollows, though. Some folks want a big SUV that looks great and goes fast! The new 2022 Ford Expedition Stealth Performance Package features the black on black on black look which has gained a lot of popularity with consumers over the last few years.

  • Blackout trim & badges
  • Larger black wheels 
  • Red caliper brakes 

But the Stealth Expedition isn’t just about the appearances. It can walk the walk, or maybe run the run with its high output twin-turbo 440 horsepower engine. The sport-tuned suspension makes the Stealth Expedition just as much fun to drive on the road as the Timberland is off of them

The new 2022 Ford Expeditions will start arriving at Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City early next year.

Of course with all the craziness in the production and inventory pipeline, you’d be better off getting your order in sooner rather than later. To reserve your new 2022 Ford Expedition in any trim or package, call Gary Crossley Ford today.



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