The Last Ford EcoSport in Kansas City: Discontinued and Disappearing

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Ford’s smallest SUV, the Ecosport, has been discontinued. Gary Crossley Ford expects Kansas City’s final shipment for spring 2022

EcoSport fans and owners have always been satisfied and enthusiastic, there just haven’t been enough of them.

There are a lot of great things to say about Ford’s smallest and least expensive SUV in the current lineup. EcoSport owners speak highly of the vehicle’s attributes.

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Maneuverability

“It’s awesome. It’s never in the shop,” says Todd Gentry of Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City, MO. “We do not have problems with EcoSports. They’re just great, great vehicles.”

The Ford EcoSport is hands down one of the best college cars on the market.

2021 Ford Ecosport
2021 Ford EcoSport

“As a parent, having a college student, you want your kid to be in something super reliable and super safe. You can get a new Ecosport for 20 to 25 grand and get a good interest rate because they’re a first-time buyer,” Todd says 

“A brand new car with a brand new warranty so when the kids are out of state, going to college, the parents have a little bit more peace of mind.”

The canceled Ford EcoSport just didn’t fit shifting American consumer demand.

Nationwide Ecosport sales peaked in 2019, declined in the pandemic months of 2020, and have slid even further in 2021. Through August of this year, sales are down an additional 22%.

US consumers overwhelmingly prefer crossover utilities, SUVs, and trucks.

With Ecosport joining Fiesta on the list of small crossovers that didn’t make the cut, the Escape will remain as the smallest and least expensive SUV in the Ford lineup.

The New Maverick compact truck is replacing the EcoSport as Ford’s low price leader.

The new 2022 Ford Maverick small truck will become the lowest-priced new vehicle available at Gary Crossley Ford and other Ford dealerships in Kansas City.

The Maverick debuted this fall in Ford’s truck offerings as the smaller brother to the midsize Ford Ranger and the ever-popular Ford F150 full-size truck, the best-selling consumer vehicle in America for the last 44 years.

You can still order your 2022 Ford EcoSport at Gary Crossley Ford.

Kansas City Car buyers with kids heading off to college or anyone who prefers smaller SUVs to trucks can still get their hands on a new 2022 Ford Ecosport, but with ongoing chip shortages and inventory issues in the car business, you probably shouldn’t wait for those last Ecosports to arrive.

Gary Crossly Ford can reserve your 2022 EcoSport now and make sure you are one of the fortunate few able to drive this reliable, affordable SUV home.



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