Ford’s New Bronco Lineup: Work, Premium, and Heritage + Variants

Ford Bronco

Ford has clearly stated that it derives a significant amount of profit from specialized models or limited editions based on its existing products. Within the extensive world of Ford, this includes various models such as the Explorer ST, Explorer and Expedition Timberline, the Raptor trio, and many others. In the Ford Bronco lineup, customers already have the option to choose from the Everglades, Raptor, and Heritage models. However, in the near future, they will also have three additional variants to consider. 

During Ford’s 2023 Capital Markets Day presentation, Kumar Galhotra, the President of Ford Blue, revealed that the company is introducing not just one or two, but three new Ford Bronco variants. These upcoming variants are labeled as the “Work” model, the “Premium” variant, and the “Heritage +” derivative. Ford did not disclose any further details about these new SUVs, nor did they reveal their appearance, as they were simply presented under a cover on the large screen. 

Nevertheless, this does not prevent us from speculating about the potential position of each variant within the Bronco lineup. The Work model could possibly cater to commercial or fleet-focused customers who seek a basic, no-frills vehicle at the lowest possible cost. It remains unclear who exactly this product might appeal to, but Ford likely identified a market demand for it. 

The Premium variant, on the other hand, is more intriguing. It is widely known that new truck buyers appreciate luxury trims, and the Bronco currently lacks an offering that rivals the likes of the Land Rover Defender. Ford might be planning to address this by introducing a premium model, which may also address concerns such as wind noise on the highway. Alternatively, the Premium model might simply feature enhanced interior amenities and more sophisticated materials. 

Ford Bronco

As for the Heritage + variant, the possibilities are more open-ended. While the Heritage and Heritage Limited models already incorporate numerous retro-themed elements into the iconic SUV, there is always room for more. Perhaps the plus model will introduce additional Oxford White accents, or it could be a better-equipped version of the existing model. At present, we have limited information to draw upon, but one thing is clear: Ford will continue to create and Gary Crossley Ford will continue to sell Bronco derivatives as long as there is demand from consumers. 



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