This 1975 Ford F-250 Is the Only One Built in This Particular Spec

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Crossley Customs discovered with the right combination of options and paint colors, this 1975 Ford F-250 is a true one-of-one.

The world of vintage pickups is starting to look a lot like the world of classic cars in that with values steadily rising, a lot of rare examples are coming out of the woodwork as well. For the most part, Ford trucks were built in rather large quantities, which means that owners are resorting to things like Marti Reports to see how unique their vehicles are in the grand scheme of things, a common play in the collector car market. And in that regard, this 1975 Ford F-250 that recently surfaced for sale on eBay turned out to be a true one-of-one.

Any old 1975 Ford F-250 like this is already likely to command a solid selling price, but the fact that this is the only one from that particular model year finished in these colors and equipped with its particular set of options makes it even more enticing. As far as whether that actually makes it more valuable is up for debate, as we haven’t quite reached the point where these trucks are as sought after as some other rides, but it’s still pretty cool, regardless.

Outside of that nifty fact, this particular F-250 is in pretty solid condition, with minimal rust and decent paint. The seller notes that the wiring is a bit of a mess, and there’s a pretty bad exhaust leak, while the truck is also running off an auxiliary gas can – not the gas tank – but those seem to be the only major flaws present. There’s a little wear, tear, and patina, but one could easily fix the major issues and simply drive it for many years to come.

Those problems were certainly baked into the bidding, it seems, as this no reserve auction ended with the truck going for a mere $6,000. That makes it seem like one heck of a bargain in today’s world, where these older pickups are going for many times that with no problem on a regular basis. And if the vintage truck market continues to explode, it might just be a valuable and highly sought-after entity one day.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts


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