1952 Ford F-7 ‘Big Job’ Is One Wild Vintage Dually

1952 Ford F 7
This amazing 1952 Ford F-7 looks factory, but the Blue Oval never built anything quite like it.

Duallys are a common sight on today’s roads, with giant, wide-fendered pickups pulling massive loads on our nation’s highways seemingly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But this 1952 Ford F-7 dubbed “Big Job” that’s currently up for sale on Bring a Trailer is not your average dually, mainly because Ford never sold such a thing. Rather, this is a custom job shrouded in mystery, as the seller purchased it from the late owner’s wife, who doesn’t really know much about it. Regardless, it’s too cool not to dive into a bit further.

1952 Ford F-7

The mere sight of this 1952 Ford F-7 is undoubtedly enough to make anyone do a double take, and what’s particularly cool about it is the previous owner didn’t do anything crazy. In fact, this truck looks OEM, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it rolled off the factory floor looking just like this. The giant eight-lug 20-inch steel wheels would be your first clue that something isn’t right here, along with the long and super wide bed and fenders.

1952 Ford F-7

That’s because this particular F-7 has been fitted with a 9-foot bed that was sourced from another heavy-duty Ford from the era, fitted with what appear to be a set of front fenders repurposed to cover the dual rear wheels. It’s a pretty amazing setup, and one that would fool a lot of folks into believing that it’s original – particularly since most everything else is.

1952 Ford F-7

The interior continues that OEM+ theme with a reupholstered gray vinyl bench seat and a slew of new parts including the door panels, headliner, wiring, and door handles, along with a rebuilt heater core and wiper motor. Total mileage is unknown, but an old-fashioned 279 cubic-inch Y-block V8 resides under the hood, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and two-speed rear axle.

The result is a truly fascinating machine that is also one of a kind – a difficult feat to pull off in this modern world full of copycats. It’s truly unfortunate that we don’t have all the details on this vintage Ford pickup, but perhaps more information will be unearthed one day.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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