Ford Is America’s Number One Brand in July, and the F-Series Is the Number One Truck

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July marks the second month in a row that Ford is the only major automaker to produce sales gains. EV sales are up nearly 170 percent.

We have been saying for a while that once inventory improved and the all-new F-150 Lightning deliveries began that Ford was going to see some impressive sales gains. Well that happened in July and as predicted it made for an impressive July sales report. There is a lot of positive news to report here, and we will get to the details but here are the headlines. Ford EV sales go through the roof. Pickup sales are up year over year. Ford SUV sales are way up on last year. And the Lincoln brand is also reporting strong numbers. All of this is leading to stock price surge and a bright future for Ford.

“Ford was America’s best-selling brand in July powered by strong demand across our lineup. Our overall sales rose 37 percent in July and electric vehicle sales grew at three times the rate of the EV segment. F-Series hit the 60,000-truck mark for the first time this year, with our all-new electric F-150 Lightning having its best sales month yet. Ford SUVs were up 70 percent, while E-Transit leads the electric van space with 95 percent of the electric van segment.” Stated Andrew Frick, vice president, Sales, Distribution & Trucks, Ford Blue.

Ford Dominates Market


Thanks to improved inventory flow, Ford for the second month in a row is the only major automaker to produce sales gains. And we are not talking about slim margins here, Ford dominated. Ford July sales increased by 36.6 percent. The auto industry as a whole was down 10.5 percent. Because of this Ford saw its market share grow to 13.9 percent. That is a 1 percentage point increase from June and 4.8 percent increase compared to a year ago.

EV Sales


We proofread the following sentence many times to ensure that it was not a typo. Ford electric vehicle sales are up 168.7 percent. The Mustang Mach-E is up 74.1 percent, and the F-150 Lightning had its best sales month ever. Ford grew more than 3 times the rate of the overall electric vehicle segment in July. The E-Transit represents 95 percent of the total electric van market through July of this year. That ladies and gentlemen is a beat down. Ford wants to be a leader in EV sales and with performances like this they are well on their way. Right now, they are second behind only Tesla

Pickup Sales Pickup

When people think of Ford they likely think of a pickup truck. And the overall Ford pickup sales are well up on last year. The F-Series, Ranger and Maverick combined for total sales of 74,034 which is up by 27 percent over last year. “F-Series overall truck sales hit the 60,000-truck threshold for the first time this year, with 63,341 trucks sold – up 21.1 percent over last year. F-Series expanded its sales lead through July of this year over its second-place competitor to 66,691 trucks.” Not to be outdone the Ford brand SUVs sales gained 70 percent over last year. The Bronco and Bronco Sport combined sales were up 227 percent over last year.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts




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