Bronco Raptor will be Available from Gary Crossley Ford in 2022

Gary Crossley Ford Qa Time 4

The high-performance version of the Ford Bronco will indeed use the Raptor name from the F-150 pickup, Ford CEO Jim Farley confirmed in a tweet with a teaser video showing a glimpse of the new off-roader. This more powerful variant of the SUV will debut sometime next year, Ford says, and is likely to feature suspension upgrades and a more aggressive look to go along with its name.

The idea of a badder Bronco has existed for a while now, and we had previously heard rumors that it would use the Warthog name. But it makes sense for Ford to keep it in the Raptor family, as the latest F-150 just debuted its Raptor variant recently and the next-generation Ranger mid-size pickup will reportedly add a Raptor model for the U.S. at some point in the near future.

Along with the different grille we can see here, it’s likely to have a wider stance, chunkier tires, uprated shocks, and a more powerful engine, likely some sort of turbocharged V-6. We should have more information about the Bronco Raptor in the coming months as Ford starts to trickle out some details about its various upgrades.

Source: Car and Driver



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