Blue Ford Oval vs. Black Ford Oval – Which Do You Prefer?

Ford Oval
Are you a fan of Ford's new black oval? The black oval is available with Ford's black appearance package, available on many new models.
For many years, Ford has been synonymous with its iconic Blue Oval logo, which hasn’t changed significantly over that elongated time period. However, in recent years, the black Ford oval has emerged as a popular alternative to the legendary Blue Oval and has become available on a variety of vehicles equipped with special black appearance packages, as well as a standalone offering from Ford’s official catalog. And that had us wondering – which oval do our readers prefer?
2019 2021 Ford Ranger Black Oval Kit

The Ford Blue Oval emblem has been synonymous with Ford vehicles for decades now, becoming one of the most famous and easily recognizable logos in the world. In fact, the oval Ford emblem originally appeared in 1907, and the first Blue Oval was affixed to a vehicle in 1927 before landing on all of Ford’s models starting in 1979. The familiar Blue Oval has changed a bit in terms of appearance since then, but it has always remained blue. However, in recent years, that has been slowly changing, with the black Ford oval beginning to pop up on more and more vehicles in the automaker’s lineup.

Today, a number of new Ford vehicles are sold with either standard or optional black oval emblems, in some cases as part of black or stealth appearance packages. That includes the Ford Explorer Timberline, 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline, the 2022 Ford Escape SEL with the SEL Stealth AWD Package, the 2022 Ford Edge SE with the Black Appearance Package, the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited with the Stealth Edition Package, and the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited With the Stealth Edition Performance Package.

2021 Ford Escape Sel Stealth Awd Package Oxford White 2021 Chicago Auto Show Exterior 017 Black Ford Oval Logo Badge 1024x683

Additionally, a variety of pickups can be equipped with black Ford ovals as well, including the 2022 Ford Ranger with the Black Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat), the 2022 Ford Ranger with the Sport Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat), the 2022 Ford F-150 with the Black Appearance Package (XL STX, XLT, Lariat, Platinum), or the 2022 Ford Super Duty with the Black Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat). Alternatively, black ovals are available for all of those pickups via Ford’s catalog, too.

Black ovals are clearly gaining steam among shoppers these days, but we’re curious to know – do our readers prefer this darker look, or are they content to stick with the traditional Blue Oval? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

Source: Ford Authority



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