Take A Trip Back To 1992 With LMR In A 14,000-Mile Fox Time Machine

1992 Mustang Lx
Late Model Restoration kicked off a creative new video series called Drives & Dines with a video that recaps driving a 14,000-mile 1992 Mustang LX coupe out for a spirited drive and a meal.

There is seemingly infinite automotive content floating around the internet. Standing out among the footage focused on Mustangs, the crew at Late Model Restoration consistently creates an enjoyable mix of dyno, product, and project build videos. More recently, the company launched a new video series with Drives & Dines, in which longtime host Landan Durham takes a vehicle out for a drive with a stop for food and discussion.

To kick off the series, he selected a 1992 Mustang LX coupe with just over 14,000 miles on the clock. They set out to drive the low-mile notch through Cameron Park in LMR’s home base of Waco, Texas. This driver’s paradise features 15 turns and significant elevation changes, which makes for a superb path on which to test this classic pony car.

1992 Mustang LX coupe

“We could definitely file this one in the category of well-kept and well-preserved…” Landan said. “…It is immaculate and absolutely one of the nicer Fox-bodies I’ve ever had the privilege to drive.”

Almost as fun as watching and hearing this pristine Fox in action, it was entertaining to hear Landan and his co-worker Jay bench rave about Fox Mustangs over some noodles from Koko Ramen inside the local Union Hall food market.

“Let’s think back to 1992. This is what people did. There weren’t the cell phones, there weren’t the laptops, and you actually went out and enjoyed life,” Jay added.

Rather than just a simple drive or walkaround, it was fun to ride along with the full experience, and it will be interesting to see what vehicles make Drives & Dines runs next.

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