2024 Ford Mustang: Exploring Customer Preferences and Trends

2024 Ford Mustang

With the 2024 Ford Mustang now in production and deliveries just around the corner, anticipation is mounting among car enthusiasts. As the latest iteration of this iconic pony car hits the streets, it’s interesting to delve into the minds of future Mustang owners and discover their preferences. Ford recently shared some insights into what most buyers are opting for, giving us a glimpse into the exciting world of the 2024 Ford Mustang. 

2024 Ford Mustang

Dark Horse Colors

One of the most captivating aspects of the 2024 Mustang is the range of Dark Horse colors available. Unsurprisingly, these unique hues have caught the attention of customers. Among the choices, an impressive 39 percent of buyers are opting for the color-shifting Blue Ember, making it the most popular choice. Following closely behind are Vapor Blue at 18 percent and Shadow Black at 16 percent. It’s safe to say that these colors will become a common sight on the streets, especially on the range-topping variant. 

2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Coupe Exterior Shown
2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Coupe Exterior Shown

Optional Packages

When it comes to optional packages, the 2024 Mustang offers a variety of exciting choices. Leading the pack is the Nite Pony Package, which has garnered significant interest with 26 percent of buyers favoring the blacked-out look. This package adds an element of stealth and aggression to the Mustang’s appearance. Following closely behind is the Performance Package, a long-standing favorite among Mustang enthusiasts. This package, selected by 22 percent of buyers, enhances the car’s already impressive performance capabilities. 

2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Coupe Steering Wheel Detail
2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Coupe Steering Wheel Detail

Transmission Choices

For enthusiasts who relish the thrill of a manual transmission, the 2024 Ford Mustang still offers that engaging experience, with one notable exception in the EcoBoost variant. Surprisingly, only 27 percent of buyers have opted for the manual transmission, which is still a relatively high figure compared to other manual-equipped models on the market. It seems that while there is a continued demand for manual transmissions, many Mustang enthusiasts are embracing the convenience and efficiency of automatic transmissions. 

2024 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe Exterior Shown
2024 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe Exterior Shown

Electronic Drift Brake

The 2024 Ford Mustang brings exciting new features to the table, and one that has piqued the interest of customers is the addition of the electronic drift brake. This feature comes as part of the High Performance Package and has significantly increased its popularity. Among EcoBoost customers, the take rate for this package has risen by an impressive 50 percent compared to the previous three model years. This enhancement highlights Ford’s commitment to providing an exhilarating driving experience while catering to the preferences of different Mustang owners. 

As the 2024 Ford Mustang prepares to hit the streets, it’s clear that buyers have diverse preferences when it comes to colors, optional packages, and transmission choices. The color-shifting Blue Ember has stolen the spotlight, while the Nite Pony and Performance Packages offer distinct visual and performance upgrades. Though manual transmissions still have a dedicated following, the majority of buyers are opting for automatic transmissions. The addition of the electronic drift brake has given the High Performance Package a significant boost in popularity. With these insights, we can anticipate a vibrant and diverse Mustang fleet on the roads, showcasing the personal tastes and desires of their owners. 


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